Saturday, April 09, 2005

Prime Time TV Score Card update

I said that "Scrubs" was on the bubble.

Well it has been confermed that "Scrubs" has been renewed by NBC for another year.

Also confermed "Gray's Anatomy" has been renewed for the fall by ABC and will keep its 9/10 PM slot on Sunday nights. The show will go beyond 4 episodes as was the intent of the show's freshman year.

Boston Legal will get a new time slot for sure. Likely either Monday or Wednesday night.

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition also has been offically renewed as well.

Cookie Monster & Eating Healthy

I don't understand the media hype regarding Cookie Monster and eating healthy.

OK their might be a longer story arc this time around regarding Cookie and his eating habbits, but anyone who remembers Sesame Street in times past Cookie did promote healthy food at times. Then again he should have done a better job back in the 1970's. Hey he did a better job in the 80's and 90's.

Does anyone remember the Hip-Hop tune "Healthy Food" that Cookie Monster did?

Oh and we all know that Cookie will just eat about anything including paper plates, snow, the letter M (he did share that with Harry Monster by the way...good monster), and many other letters too. Well hey if your a monster anything is good, even cookies that are not real, yes and Cookie did eat cookie that was not real.

Why don't we just calling him the Food Monster, or the Eating Monster or the Hungry Monster, but none of the above does not sound as good as Cookie Monster :)

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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Prime Time TV Score Card

ABC: This week the Mouse Network renewed several freshmen dramas. Despreate Housewives, Boston Legal, and Lost. The later of which is co-created by JJ Abrams. Abrams other show Alias will get a 5th season and that means more twists and turns in the world of spy. I just wonder what will come up in Lost, if that Sci-Fi element will come out once and for all rather all these little hints that come up.

Grey's Anatomy which I have not and don't plan on watching has proven to be a great lead in to Housewives, and has been getting better Numbers than Boston Legal. It would smart for ABC to keep Anatomy in its Sunday night slot. Hey Legal could keep Abrams Bad Robot shows company on Wednesday night in the 9/10 slot.

Speaking of Wednesday night in the 9/10 it seems that Eyes did not get off to a right start, but we shall see about that one. I doubt it will make it.

Blind Justice which is about a cop that goes blind is also trending down and I doubt that show will be around in the fall.

Also an old ABC standby Monday Night Football might make the move to sister ESPN, but don't worry football fans if that happens Sunday Night Football will be on broadcast TV and FOX and CBS will share coverage. I sure will miss Hank Williams Jr. if that happens

ABC Shows renewed for sure:
Desperate Housewives
Boston Legal

Very likely to get renewed:

Gray's Anatomy
Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Other current ABC Shows that might get renewed:

According to Jim
America's Funniest Home Videos
The Bachelor
Primetime Live
Wife Swap (and then some)

Other current ABC Shows that might get axed:

Less Than Perfect
Jake in Progress

ABC Shows I think are on the bubble:

8 Simple Rules
George Lopez
My Wife and Kids
Hope and Faith

CBS: This network has truly made a comeback. It truly overcame a slump in the mid 1990's when the network faced a midlive crisis. They tried to go young back then with a several "Friends" clones but it did not work, so it was still the network for the "old" people. However CBS finally has able to get shows that attracts the 18-49 crowd. The one that lead the charge was the ever famous reality game opera Survivor. Also bringing in the money for is the Jerry Bruckheimer produced shows. That list includes the CSI shows, and several other crime dramas (Cold Case, Without a Trace). Bruckheimer also has a reality game opera in his stable in the form of "The Amazing Race" which has been gaining in audience in recent years.

JAG may have gotten the axe, but Donald P. Bellisario still has a presence on CBS with spinoff NCIS which takes a page from the CSI playbook.

Numb3rs has proven to be a strong link in CBS's Friday night lineup, and it has become one of my favorate shows. I hope CBS picks this one up for the fall. It is one of the few Crime Dramas I do watch. Numb3rs is what I call Mathnet (remember that one kids???) for adults. I would not mind learning Math, but if a grade is on the line that is different.

The one show I hope CBS does can is Joan of Arcadia. Its numbers are weeker than JAG's. Joan seems to be a mix of Touched by an Angel and CSI and other crime drama. Guess what people. It seems that people have jumped the shark on this one. Joan is likely to get canned anyway. Lead off with Numb3rs for crying out loud. Maybe move Numb3rs to Sunday or Wednesday.

Speaking of Sundays their is no need to move Cold Case, but they could replace their night of Made for TV movies (most of them don't do so well) and put Numb3rs and other crime drama as well. The only trouble would be with ABC and NBC which have so strong lineups on Sunday night.

Monday's will never be the same with Raymond. The guy that "everybody loves." Monday nights is likely to remain a sitcom night with CSI: Miami still in the rear. I predict that Wednesday will see the demise of that nights 60: Minutes and the sitcoms in place their will lead off that night. Two crime drams will follow.

Shows renewed for sure:
The Amazing Race

Very Likely to get renewed:
CSI: Miami
CSI: New York
Still Standing
Two and a Half Men
King of Queens
Cold Case

On the Bubble:
Listen Up
Yes Dear
60 Minutes (Wednesday version)

Likely to get axed:
Joan of Arcadia


NBC: After being on top during the 80's and 90's NBC is now trying to ride the storm out. Joey is not the same without his old "Friends" but NBC will let him go on for another year. Right now when it comes to sitcoms NBC is not their. Their strong links are The Apprentice (from the creator of Survivor) and the Law & Order shows. Medium which replaced the flop LAX has proven to be a keeper. The show is about a Suburban mother who helps sloves mysteries but has the gift of hearing other thoughts and seeing people who have passed on to afterlife.

ER still pulls in strong number and even beats Without a Trace. It will go for another two years but can still hang in their without Noah Wyle's Dr. John Carter on the show? Wyle was the last of the orginal cast of ER and now they are all gone.

The West Wing will should also see another season, even without Martin Sheen who played what the President of the United States should be in the eyes of Hollywood.

Shows Renewed for sure:

Shows very likely to be renewed:
Fear Factor
Las Vegas
Will & Grace
All the Law & Order shows including the new Trial By Jury
The Apprentice (Donald Trump version)
Dateline NBC

On the Bubble:
The Office

Likely to get the ax:
Committed (Poor move on Jennifer Finnigan's part. She is such a good looking young lady. She did so much better as Bridget Forrester #7 on the CBS daytime drama The Bold & the Beautful. The folks at Crosing Jordan should have given her a regular role)

Also likely to get the ax:
American Dreams
The Contender
Medical Investgation

Third Watch

FOX: This network strongest point right now is American Idol. Like it or lump it this show connects with the audience big time. While Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson decide who gets to be on the show, those who make it get the last word from the audience who calls in to vote on their favorate contestants who want to be pop music stars. Cowell, Abdul, and Jackson do have a say, and usally what they say is taken into account. Idol also helped FOX freshmen drama House and is in the top ten with the 18-49 demo.

24 which also got a boost from Idol and seems to be doing somewhat better on Monday nights. This years storyline regarding arab terrorists does not hurt either since they drew cries of foul play from certain arab and Muslim groups. While Tuesdays, and Wendnesday, and Mondays are good to FOX. It does struggle just about everywere.

Sundays are not what they used to be and its lineup of sitcoms live action and animated have slipped, including the Simpsons, Malcom in the Middle, and King of the Hill. Family Guy which has been given new life via the Cartoon Network and the DVD is likely to come back Sunday, and maybe finally be given a Sunday night stay which FOX denied to Family Guy for so long. The fans of Family Guy did not let this show die. The question is can American Dad be a keeper? Both shows are from the mind of Seth MacFarlane.

Saturday nights have FOX doing well with its lineup of reality crime shows (Cops and America's Most Wanted) and that will continue for quite awhile.

Renewed for sure:
Malcolm in the Middle
Simpsons (I am guessing that 2005-06 was the second of the two year renewal)
That 70's Show

Very likely to be renewed:
American Idol

On the Bubble:
King of The Hill
Family Guy
Arrested Development
Life on a Stick

Note: FOX is commited to have a year around lineup of first run programing and I may have missed some shows on all the networks that have gotten the ax already.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

CBS not planning Schiavo movie...Thank goodness. The news media has done quite enough. Also CBS is not doing so well with Made For TV movies lately.

One of my fellows in the Radio Air Force has been shot.

Yesterday I listened to Ed Schultz give so much love to Hanoi Jane. Any thinking person knows that this BITCH (yes I shall use that) has not changed...Michelle Malkin does not mechion Schultz but does mechion Hanoi's TV appearences. At least another "bleeding artist" feel guilt, but must read Malkin's piece to find out who. By the way if you brought Fonda's book...SHAME ON YOU!!! THIS BITCH DOES NOT NEED ANYMORE MONEY!!!

Is the Hair Braiding the same as runing a Style Salon??? Some in our goverment thought so. The Saige of ABC News John Stossel tells you all about it and how the Hair Braiding fought this and won.

In this weeks piece by Walter Williams, he takes on Airport Security and why he is not flying commerical any longer. MUST READ because it does and will effect the rest of US who can't dodge flying commericaly.

Sadly Kofi will be redeemed, but hey he is a good socialist, and that is what is important. Claudia Rosett talks about it.

Jimmy Carter getting snubed??? I say right on. Neal Boortz has this and more

Sher Zieve (Hope I got it right) also says "Just Say NO" to Jimmy. This man really loves socialism and commies deep down.

Token Lefty Piece tonight is by Philip Kovacs. Worries about Bill Gates and "Corporatization of American'Public' Schools." Can't have that right??? We Americans must continue to 'invest' in our childrens future, but not before the teachers unions get their cut.

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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Jane Fonda wants Hillary to win the Oval Office

This woman who is begging for forgiveness for her ways during the Vetinam War is now backing Hillary and her quest for power. No surprise right???

Also Jane Fonda will be a guest on Ed Schultz's radio talk show. The interview will be done in the first hour of Schultz's program (12:p.m. Pacific/3:p.m. Eastern).

Schultz who is a liberal has become the darling of the Democratic party since he is heard on over 80 stations. You listen to this show the Dems feel cleansed for right wing talk.

Check your local stations to see if Schultz is on in your area and if not you can listen to him online on not one but many streaming links.

Main Stream Link via his website

Ed Schultz affiliates that stream:

KTLK-AM/K-Talk 1150: Los Angeles, CA

KQKE-AM/960 The Quake: San Francisco, CA

WWRC-AM/Progressive Talk 1260: Washington DC

WINZ-AM: Miami, FL

KLSD-AM: San Diego, CA (This stream is about a half hour behind)

KKZN-AM/Boulder-Denver, CO

KPOJ-AM: Portland, OR

KRPT-FM/Progressive Talk 92.5: San Antonio, TX

WJNO-AM: West Palm Beach-Boca Raton, FL (Tape Delayed: Show runs from 7:00 PM Eastern/4:00 PM Pacific)

WXXM-FM/92.1 The Mic: Madison, WI

WAVZ-AM/The Voice: New Haven, CT

Today's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Several pieces regarding Pope John Paul II and the fall of the "Evil Empire"

Pat Buchanan

Lee Edwards

Jack Kemp

Cal Thomas

Matt Towery adds his two cents regarding the Pope. Says nothing about the cold war.

Looks like Gore's TV Network is going to become a reality. The left is taking back the media...YES!!! Man your guys get so angry when you can't have a monopoly on the media and that is what the media wants.

Rudy is not going to run for Prez...Should make Hillary breath easier, meanwhile for the rest of US...Be Afraid, Be VERY Afraid.

At least Rudy denounes the Phony Indian from Boulder,1299,DRMN_15_3673489,00.html

Star Parker calls the open the marketplace when it comes to education. The Teacher's Union stands in the way as allways but the students contuine to suffer.

Joseph Sobran said "Politicians never accuse you of 'greed' for wanting other people's money --- only for wanting to keep your own money." Well Thomas Sowell seconds that and here is a piece from Sowell about that. MUST READ!!!

Remember the Hamburglar??? No I am not talking about that guy that hangs with Ronald. I am talking about the person that hung around with Bill Clinton. His real name is Sandy Burger. Sadly this Hamburglar got slapped on the wrist rather than throwen into a prison cell. David Limbaugh says this is dangerous. MUST READ!!!

Joseph Farah also adds his two cents about the Hamburglar

Trying to make a case for Social Securty reform. Not easy to do as Bruce Bartlett explains.

Mark Alexander talks about the so-called "Gun Problem" and how leftys use that crub our rights when jerks use guns to do bad things.

Mike Adams asks you to give some of your hard earned money to I link a lot of pieces from myself, and I need people like Adams to keep the Higher Learning Elite on the run.

America Bashing in the Land Down Under. Gunny Bob Newman talks about that when he was on a Australian news dissussion program.

Bob Parks talks about several things including Hillary and the CAIR

Bob Parks also talks about the minutemen in his audio commentary from last week. MP3 Software required

Ellen Goodman is my token lefty piece and this one makes good sence for us all now that Terri has passed on.

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Monday, April 04, 2005

Caring For People

This afternoon their was a carnage that took 5 people out of this world. This happened near the town of Penrose, Colorado.

I thought about my friend that lived their and I called her just so that I knew that she was not the five. She was not.

You know I should be more createful to my mother when she calls me, and I still live with parents and my mother calls me a lot when I am not close by.