Saturday, April 07, 2007

'The Blog according to Don' Has Come to an End

After a week of pondering I have officially decided to discontinue this blog.

With my new MySpace site up I felt I needed to make some changes and this is one of them. Their are so many political blogs out their and this I felt just did not get a lot of notice.

I am trying a different approach with MySpace focusing on Life & Leisure topics and Entertainment. I might throw in some politics once in awhile but not as much as it was here at TBatD.

I plan to leave my blog up for awhile. Afterwards I intend to take it down.

Check out MySpace page.

Thanks for your support for past two years or so.

Don McCullen

Monday, April 02, 2007

I NOW have a MySpace web page...and the future of The Blog according to Don

Here is the link.

With this new site on Myspace I am really looking into discontinueing this blog. After a few years it seems that this blog has not gotten the attention I hoped for. Also I have not said much and done more links to commentaries if anything.

It takes time to put my blog up, and its not as easy as it looks. I will let you know what my final desision will be. Very likely I will end this blog.

Be sure to visit my new MySpace site soon.