Saturday, July 29, 2006

Saturday Readings

Government Schools and Boys: Two Different takes, but the same ideal. Boys are getting shortchanged.

Ted Byfeld

Gerry Garibaldi

Jeff Lord shows how Uncle Walter accually helped with the creation of FOX News and the New Media.

Does "The Ant Bully" promote Communism??? Ted Bair says YES and avoid at all costs.

Pat Boone takes on those who love Pork or as they call it in the Beltway...EARMARKS!!!

Al Franken's PAC has a lot of household names from Cally. This guy wants to Repersent Minnesota. Find the willing liberals and he might just win.

Don't be suprised if AlGore runs in 2008. Robert Novak explains.

Friday, July 28, 2006

"The One" is Done

You might have heard about this American Idol meets Real World show that was based on a hit show in Spain. Well it was not a hit here.

Hey UK's Pop Idol which was the templete for American Idol only lasted two series. In the UK they use Series instead of Season.

Story from

I normally don't do Summer TV, but hey it does have its hits (Big Brother, Hell's Kitchen, So You Think You Can Dance, American's Got Talent). "Dancing With the Stars" was such a big hit last summer it was moved into the Big Time (Fall through Spring). However the other shows are just better off in the Summertime and that includes American's Got Talent.

Friday Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz Fair Tax Rally in Orlando be sure to attend if you live in the area. Reps. from the Republican Congressional Campaign Committee will also be down at the rally. Make it count, we need to let the GOP know that this is a issue THEY can run with.

David Limbaugh shows the two-faces of the Democrats when it comes to the term anti-Semite. They just prove they want Iraq to Fail.

What other Country has been given a time limit to beat back the agression after they have been attacked. Non other than Israel. Charles Krauthammer explains.

Making Voting Easy????? How about making Voting difficult???? Jonah Goldberg points out why making it difficult is a good ideal.

Here is a piece by Duncan Currie about the recent victory for Private Property Rights in the state of Ohio.

Some in the American Psychological Association are getting Anti-Milltary. Read This to find out all about it.

The Trial Lawyers will always find someone to push around if they continue to be allowed to do what they do. Mike Rosen says their current target is Farmers and Ranchers. We need Tort Reform NOW!!!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Thursday Readings

The Socialist Media take pleasure when a Newspaper drops Ann Coulter. Here are a few more papers that dropped her.

Coutler called Cronkite the dirty skunk that he is in her book "Treason." Cronkite cost us Vietnam, and in the process many innocent lives were lost not only in Vietnam but in Cambodia as well. All because Cronkite and much of the media at large tend to support those who oppress peoples desires to be free, rather than have the "people" submit to some kind of dicatorship, and that want people like Cronkite want. People under the thumb of dictators. I have more about this man that should have not been "Trusted" after today's readings.

This blog will continue to link Ann Coulter's pieces, since she is not popular with the liberals, and why would she??? This week she looks back at The Kerry's Campaign Promises, and many nasty things Muslim Terrorists did since the Beloved Jimmy Carter. Carter continues to empower Communist/Socialists leaders all over the world by the way. Are Americans foolish enough to give a Democrat the Oval Office again??? Kiss yourself Goodbye if you do.

Robert Novak tell the Republicans to run on the issue of our Courts and the judges the Dems DON'T WANT TO SEE on them. Good Ideal the Dems only want Liberals on the Courts and good to great lengths to make sure they never serve.

Larry Elder calls Bush on the Carpet for finally pandering to the NAACP or the NAALCP as Rush likes to call them. Could Bush tell them that the Democrats in Government have redefined the Plantation. Can't own slaves privatley, but our Government sure can own slaves and its not limited to just blacks.

This piece by Cal Thomas says it best. Total Destruction of Hezbollah. Hezbollah are members of "The Dogs of War." Hezbollah will take and Israel will give. Israel must DIE, so that Hezbollah (and Muslism Terrorists) may LIVE!!!!

Senate looks into Drilling Oil in the Gulf Coast. Don't hold your breath, the Enviormental Socialists will pitch a fit and the bill will fail. Think the Soviet Union was a clear place...Nope but at least at caried about "the people." NOT!!!

The Elite TV Critics sub Roger Alies and FOX News. Big Deal those critics just a bunch of Champagne Drinking liberals anyway.

A Victory for the Private Property Owner in Ohio. A loss for Eminent Domain abuse.

I almost forget to link today's comments from Neal Boortz and its a MUST READ today.

You can lose the Good Life in this Country anyday know. Another Terrorist attack should do it. Victor Davis Hanson explains.

2008 has taken its grip on DC. Jonah Goldberg talks about it in the piece called the "Michael Dukakis Moment."

My Tribute to Walter Cronkite and its NOT NICE!!!

Last night PBS aired a special which was a tribute to the "Most Trusted Man in American" aka Walter 'Crankenhouse' Cronkite. By the way Katie Cookie Cutter narrated this special. This man handed our Milltary a loss (Vietnam) and has come out in support of a One World Government which is a utopian dream for many Liberals/Socialists (or Progressives as they like to call themselves these days).

Ever since his retirement from CBS News, Cronkite showed his true colors and came out of closest and admited that he was an activist journalist. While Dan Rather admited this while in the anchor's chair, Rather lacked the charm that Cronkite had, and man Cronkite used that not only to make us lose the Vietnam war but to promote Big Government programs that "help" the Poor.

The liberals all over continue to worship the glory of this man that many people did watch during Cronkite's heday. Those who were critical of him had very few outlets that could be used to counter Cronkite's spin (and then some) on the current issues of the day. Plus their was this thing called the "Fairness Doctrine" to make sure that only the left spin (make no mistake Richard Nixon tried to use it too) prevailed in the electronic media...while claiming that "We The People" own the airwaves...NOT!!!!

The Media Research Center has compiled some notable quoteables of Cronkite's post CBS years. Click All of These to Read the Quotes.

If this does not convince you that Walter Cronkite is a dangerous and Evil man...Nothing Will.

With people like Cronkite trying to turn America into the New Soviet Union, Rush Limbaugh truly deserves the title of "American's Anchor Man." Rush help set the standard not only for the News/Talk format, but the overall New Media. To that end I am very greatful.

Go on you leftys worship Cronkite all you want...We who truly in Liberty, Freedom, and the Individual know better.

I refuse your "Upgrade." I'd rather be "deleted."

As for Walter Cronkite, we made a big mistake in 'trusting' this man on informing us on the state of the world. Now we don't have too, but we have a long way to go in correcting the mess that Cronkite made.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wednesday Readings (Updated)

*N-Sync memeber comes out of the closet. BIG DEAL!!!

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

If Israel truly does not have a right to exist what about the United States??? Michael Medved talks about it.

The Real World Mallard Fillmore talks about those who continue to smear choice and competition when it comes to Elementary and Secondary Education, and puts that Dept. of Education survey (and the Gray Lady) in its place. You know that one that Government Schools do better than Private Schools

When the Peace Movement gets Violent. Michelle Malkin shows their true colors.

Look at what Castro's Mini-Me is up to.

Walter Williams talks about the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act and why he calls such a proposal 'truly disgusting.'

Ben Shapiro takes on Jews that use their heritage in Identity Politics and dares to say that they are NOT JEWISH and deserve No Exemption from crticism. I should tell you right now that Shapiro pratices the Jewish Faith. The Norman Lear's, Norm Chomsky's of the world watch out cause your days of wrecking this country and Israel are over.

Donald Lambro says the Dems are facing an UnCivil War.

Would it be nice to Test the Teachers for once. Linda Chavez talks about the possiblilty of doing just that.

Joe Lieberman may support the war on terror, but that does not make him a Conservative. William F. Buckley points out the record Lieberman has.

Is Israel responce to Hezbollah disproprate??? Bill Bennett goes after those who would answer YES to that question. Plus facts you will never hear from the Media or ID Jews who have turned on their own people. Read Ben Shapiro's piece several links above this one to find out about ID Jews and their hatered towards Israel.

We have more phoney reform when it comes to the Mexican Invaders. Thomas Sowell lays it on the table.

An International Force on Lebanon but nobody wants to come in. Tony Blankley explains.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tuesday Readings

Liberals Gloat when someone drops Ann Coulter. Who needs the Newspapers anymore???? You can run all the liberals you want...we don't read your papers anymore.

US rules out talks with Hezbollah. Hezbollah are true DOGS OF WAR!!!

What is the difference between the Decent Left and Indecent Left??? Dennis Prager explains this and connects this to the war between Israel and Hezbollah.

John Bolton time at the UN is up and David Limbaugh says he should be confirmed perminmently. Should show you all that the Dems have truly become Global Socialists.

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz. MUST READINGS on "Stop the Peace Movement," and Tweaking Government Schools to name a few.

Thomas Sowell compares World War II and currrent war between Israel and Hezbollah.

Tax Cuts are Good but you will never convince the Dems especially the ones in the beltway. Pete DuPont explains.

About 34 "Americans" think that the taxpayers should bail out certain people currently in Hezbollah. Why should we??? You very likely hate our country anyway.

A RINO has come up with a bill that will allow George W. Bush to be sued.

Monday, July 24, 2006

No Readings Today

I takes time to find and link the readings that I link here. I tried to put some up earlier but they were not saved due to tech diffculties either on my end or Blogger's end, I do not want want to do it again today. I should have some readings on Tuesday.

However here are sites I usally go to get the readings.

Neal Boortz Offical Website


Drudge Report

Real Clear Politics

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Sunday Readings

George Will talks about Lynn Swan and if elected will the first African-American Governor in Pennsylvania. One problem however, Swan is a Republican.

What if Google was a government thing rather than Private???? Paul Jacob answers that plus many thoughts on a company that is making an impact on Search Engines.

Florida is back in the news cause Chris Dodd said so, and says we are 'Nauseated' by Bush. Go on keep talking; after all its what liberals do best. You Talk enough eventually people believe what you say. You Hope.

This should make all you men happy, at least the ones that would love a little control on the 'fairer sex.' Senate Debates Abortion Criminalization.

The Head of News Corp. may not be backing the Hilda Best after all. I am sure that Darth Fargo is going to use that rally his 'usefull idiot' fans of the show.