Saturday, March 26, 2005

Countdown to Terri's Death: Part 3

Once again the courts have not helped Bob and Mary Schindler and now they will back down, and hope that Jeb Bush will be their shining knight to save Terri from her fate.

The Schindlers now have to face facts that Jeb will likely NOT come to their aid.

This issue has truly forced both the left and right to show their colors with a few decenters in both camps. Ralph Nader who is best known as a "consumer advocate" but his ideals usally side with socialism says that Terri should be allowed to live.

Meanwhile those who lean the right on libertarian grounds such as Neal Boortz, Mike Rosen, Jon Caldara, and Les Kinsloving says that we should let her go. Pieces from Boortz and Kinsloving have been linked on this blog, and can be found in my previous posts.

Also the USA Today (yes they are liberal) apparently found documents that show that the money was talking all this time for both the Schindlers and Michael Schiavo

If Jeb does come though or if Terri does pass on, I will something to say about it. Until then I will not speak about it no more on my blog (or at least try). It's is a crying shame that Terri Schiavo was halled into the modern Roman Coliseum for all of us to see.

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Countdown to Terri's Death: Part 2

We are in Day Nine of this countdown, and even Bob Schindler who is Terri's father says that she may not make it by this weekend.

You have to give the Schindlers credit. They are standing their ground and they won't back down. Forgive me Mr. Tom Petty

I keeped my ear on the talk radio regarding "Terri's Fight" so-called. Many conservative talk show hosts not surprisely are siding with the parents and much of the "right of life" movement on this. Gunny Bob Newman once sided with Michael's case but turned on him when Newman's research found that Michael could very be the bad guy, and Newman also takes marriage seriously. Reason enough but people do cheat on each other, sad but true.

Rush Limbaugh the "Godfather" of talk radio leaned on the agurments made by the Religous Right and looking towards Spirturalism along with his ever famous lambasting of Animal Right activists (and I am NOT an fan of PETA or most Animal Rights activists myself) to justify the means.

Michael Savage thinks we are one step closer to Nazi Germany, and a fill-in talk show on the Savage Nation warns that the United States has gone too far, and uses the Netherland's right to die law to back him up. It seems that in the Netherlands their are strict safeguards in place before someone can have their life ended, and their Should be such provisions. Maybe we can learn something from the jerks in Euro regarding "right to die" cases.

However not everyone on the "right" agrees. Last week before taking his vacation, Denver radio talk show host Mike Rosen sided with Terri's husband and said they he would not want to live the way Terri is living now. National syndcated talker Neal Boortz echoed the same statments and says it is time for Terri to pass on into the next life. Something that Boortz says "she has earned." Jon Caldara who also does a Denver talk show host reminds us that law falls on the next of kin, and if your in marriage that means its the husband or the wife. All of the above say that you should look into getting a "living will" making sure that your needs would be meet should you fall into something that Terri is stuck with now.

Another talker who is NOT a "gun-toten meat eating lefty" or just plain old left wing has come to the side of Boortz, Rosen, and Caldara. His name is Les Kinsolving. Check out his piece regarding Terri.

Last night a caller on a KOA-AM Denver talk show told the listeners about a child that was in the similar state to Terri's. As a mother, she eventually made the choice to let that child go into eternal sleep. Sad but true, their many Terri Schiavo's out their. Terri Schiavo's case was brought before all of America to see. Their are shades of Rome regarding this.

Medical Technology has been a blessing and a curse. It has allowed us to living longer, and as a whole, the quallity life did improve for the human race. However it can be curse when you have a belief that life is scared and man must keep alowing that "gift" to people it may be a living hell on Earth to those like Terri.

You may think I sound like a Nazi on this one but please ask yourself this question. If you were in Terri's place would you want to live the way she is living? Think long and hard about before you answer.

The arguments made by the religous right is that only God should decide to give and take life away and that we must not interfere. Guess what, we ARE interfering. We are prolonging life, and it could be that we are prolonging someone that may not be able to to recover. Granted you should try to see if their is anyone up their in that head before you allow the body to shut down, but if their is not then it is time to let it go.

I feel for the Schindlers and their soon loss of their daughter. If someone way or somehow they can "save" their beloved Terri, then more power to them. If the courts somehow come to your way of thinking, just be prepared to take care of Terri like you would a human baby or a living plant for the rest of her days here on Earth. Yes I will use the term "living plant" since some see Terri in a Persistent Vegetative State (PVS).

I also hope that Randall Terry and the others that have supported the Schindlers contuine to give their support. Not just with money, but maybe some love and affection cause I have seen less love in many religous people these days. That lack of love from religionists has driven me towards the libertarian beliefs that I now hold.

For the most part I am not a supporter of the humanist group think, since most of them support a socalist government which I am in not in favor. However when it comes to Terri I do agree with them more/less.

I shall end this post here.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Ward Churchill gets away with his hateful statements

The following statements come from Gunny Bob's webpage at

CU-Boulder Chancellor Phil DiStefano News Conference

Click Here to Read the Chancellor's Report

Key Findings: (1) Churchill’s hate speech is protected speech under the 1st Amendment and is therefore OK with CU, (2) accusations of research misconduct (plagiarism, copyright violations, etc.) will be referred to the research misconduct committee, and (3) allegations of ethnic misrepresentation will also be referred to committee.

The review at the next committee level could take up to 7 months. No intent-to-dismiss warning has been issued.

DiStefano then said that teaching terrorism and advocating violence are protected speech and that they examined this issue. We have Churchill on tape teaching terrorism and repeatedly advocating violence and mass murder, but he did so while off campus. But DiStefano said moments later that he and his fellow reviewers did not look at issues regarding Churchill’s off-campus activities or activities not directly related to his work at CU. This is a contradiction. Which is the truth?

Why is it OK with CU for one of their professors to publicly advocate violence and mass murder? If I was a CU professor and stood up in class with white sheets and a hood on, and called for the mass murder of blacks and Jews, would this be OK with CU? If I stood up and said I was a pedophile and then said children should be gang raped and then murdered, would that be OK with CU?

When a university chancellor says it is OK for a professor to advocate violence and mass murder, and when that chancellor says that threats made by a professor are so insignificant an issue that they didn’t even consider them in their investigation, what message does that send?

He also said that they did not examine the evidence showing Churchill has threatened various people who crossed him because such threats “did not stand within our purview.” Why on earth would an employer like CU not care whether their employee was threatening physical violence upon others? How could this not be within their purview?

Will this news conference help or hurt CU? Do you have less, more or the same level of confidence in the leadership of CU after this news conference?

Would you want your children to attend a university where hate speech is accepted and encouraged? Where professors who advocate violence and mass murder are revered and protected by the school’s leaders and hundreds of other faculty members as well as thousands of students?

Do you have any faith that CU and the Board of Regents will make the right decision in the end?

No Gunny I doubt it. Meanwhile Dan Forsyth at CSU-Pueblo could lose his job. Crying shame if Forsyth does and Churchill keeps his.

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Bob Parks talks about Terri Schavio in his audio commentary this week. MP3 software requried

Thomas Sowell continues his commentaries regarding Terri

Ann Coulter also deals with Terri

Time for your lesson on the free market. Walter Williams is going to tell how bad a Minimum Wage can be.

Iraq War most unpopular??? Lets face facts war is unpopular no matter what war and time

DeLay, Deny and Demagogue: This is the title of the piece by Maureen Dowd and one of a few token leftys this time around

Geov Parrish says our leaders have being giving Terri Hell on Earth

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Neal Boortz answers Rush Limbaugh on why Terri should die.

Boortz has been working hard on a book that promotes the Fair or National Sales Tax (and it would be a great replacement to this damm progressive tax that we are stuck with) that he has not written a commentary piece for for sometime.

Not anymore Boortz has submitted a piece to which is a place for righty commentaries and is now published for all to see. As I type this the Supreme Court once again rejected the appeal of Terri's parents in their attempt to save her life.

The Countdown to Terri's death rolls on (forgive me Casey Kasem) and local law enforcement will make sure that comes to pass.

With that in mind here is Boortz's piece as featured at

Because she’s earned it

I signed off my talk show yesterday, stuffed unused newspaper articles in my briefcase, and headed home. As I pulled out of the studio parking garage I did what I usually do … I tuned in to see what Rush was talking about. On this particular day I had no doubt as to what the subject would be, but I wanted to hear his latest thoughts.

My studio getaway was so efficient, so swift that I was on the road in time to hear Rush come out of his hourly newsbreak. Now … before I go any further, let it be clear; I’m a Rush Limbaugh’s fan. Nobody does talk radio better, not even me. I love what he’s done for our radio format, what he’s done for America, and what he’s done to the left. Liberals hate him. I love him for that too. Rush has made me money by elevating the talk radio format to the top of the heap, and saved me even more through the tax cuts that came from his promotion of the Republican agenda.

As Rush opens the hour he has a question; a question for “you liberals.” He wants to know “Why do you want Terri Schiavo to die?”

I’m on the opposite side of this issue from Rush, Hannity, Liddy and most of my not-liberal talk radio colleagues. So the question intrigued me. Why, indeed, do I want Terri Schiavo to die?

Rush’s question deserved an answer. Not some glib response, but an honest, heartfelt answer. So, … here’s mine.

I want Terri Schiavo to die because I believe she’s earned it.

I don’t view death as the end of the journey of a human soul. I view it as a transition. The God I believe in would not waste the total life experiences of a man or woman made in his image on a total and complete death; a dead end, if you will, with nothing to follow. I cannot believe that it is God’s plan that the life experiences of a man; wisdom gained, lessons learned and love experienced, should, upon death, disappear as if they never were. I believe that there’s something to follow the life we know on this earth; and I believe that most of the people fighting to keep the body of Terri Schiavo alive feel the same way.

These feelings give rise to some questions of my own; questions for the devoutly religious people who are fighting to keep Terri Schiavo alive. Do you believe in God’s promise of everlasting life? Do you believe that the reward for a life well spent on this earth is a life with God in heaven after you die? If you do, then a few more questions if you will.

Do you believe that the human soul can make the transition to everlasting life while the human body that carried that soul through life clings to life on this earth? If you do, then you must surely believe that Terri Schiavo has earned and is already enjoying her reward in heaven. That being the case, why is it so important to you that the now-unneeded body of Terri Schiavo is kept alive?

But perhaps you believe, as I do, that the human soul is so connected to and integrated with its earthly body that any transition will not be made until that body ceases functioning -- until death occurs.. That being the case, why do you so ardently desire that the soul of Terri Schiavo spend five, ten, perhaps 30 years or more trapped in a useless and non-functioning body, unable to move on to whatever reward awaits her? Isn’t 15 years enough?

Where do your concerns truly lie, with the eternal soul of Terri Schiavo, or with her earthly body?

Most of us are aware of the stories related by people who have near-death experiences. The usual scenario is a surgical procedure or some other medical emergency. These people describe a sensation of leaving their body at the very time the heart stops beating and the brain ceases functioning. They tell of floating above their body while watching doctors below working hard to resuscitate, to bring them back to life. As the heart once again starts beating and as the brain resumes its functions, they tell of a sensation of falling back into their own bodies to resume life.

We don’t hear from the patients upon whom resuscitation efforts are not successful. We don’t hear from them because they’ve left us. They’re gone to experience whatever lies beyond. They died.

Is it possible that the soul of Terri Schiavo has been floating – held in some prolonged and excruciating limbo – waiting for doctors to stop interfering with the process of her death? I believe that this is so, and that is why I have supported her husband’s desires to have her feeding tube removed. Terri Schiavo isn’t being murdered. She’s being allowed to die. Death will not be an end for Terri Schiavo, it will be a beginning. She will finally be allowed to claim the reward that ultimately we all seek, a reward she’s earned and deserves.

To Terri's parents: The biggest mistake that you made was joining forces with the "Right to Life" people. While they may fight "right to die" their main agenda is to restrict abortion including first trimester, but it does not matter because Terri's parents are devout Catholics anyway.

To Michael Schiavo: It may be better for you to LAY LOW!!! Forget about the book and the movie rights right now. If Gunny Bob Newman's research is correct then you are really are a murderer.

I shall have more later.

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Does Gunny Bob Newman have the Proof that Michael Schiavo is an SOB???

Tonight on Gunny Bob's talk show on KOA-AM Denver, it appears that Gunny Bob may have the dirt to put Michael Schiavo on the defense. Keep in mind that Gunny sided with Michael before changing his mind after doing his research.

I trust Gunny Bob on many issues. He is a conservtitve but fair, and uses his brains than most talk shows hosts left and right. Unlike Sean Hannity and most Catholics, he will not drop you like a rock just becuase your on the "wrong side" of the issues. Just don't act like a jerk when you call his show, or he may drop you their.

He has reported that the neurologist which was hand picked by Michael is a member of the Hemlock Society which is a right to die group. His name by the way is Dr. Ronald Cranford

Terri's parents had Dr. William Hammesfahr, M.D. and he says that she is not brain dead.

Could Gunny Bob save Teri??? It is unlikely that will happen. Our highest court will turn it down once again.

Now of Terri's parents can just distance themselves from that jerk Randall Terry. No I will not change my mind on abortion or the right to die for OTHER PEOPLE!!!

Get your living will people.

Terri's Case will be remembered for a long time to come.

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Countdown to Terri's Death

You have to give Terri's parents credit. They have faught long and hard to keep Terri alive, and they fight until Terri finaly goes into eternal sleep.

Our Congress has gone to great lengths to try to keep Terri alive. However the courts are still in favor of Terri's husband Michael who says that Terri wanted to die.

On the Talk Shows most of the righty talk shows side with the parents, while the leftys say let her go to the afterlife whatever that is.

However those with libertarian views have sided with the leftys when it comes to this issue.

The few of us include those who do have mics. That short list includes syndcated talker Neal Boortz, and KOA-AM radio's Mike Rosen (who is on vacation this week), and Jon Caldara.

Tom DeLay should have kept his mouth shut when it came to the congress and this issue. He got caught and those who listen to Boortz and left-wing talk show hosts, they truly had a ball playing his quote. He is what DeLay

“One thing that God has brought to us is Terri Schiavo, to help elevate the visibility of what is going on in America, This is exactly the issue that is going on in America, of attacks against the conservative movement, against me and against many others.”

Granted the left wing does attack the "conservative movement" and when it comes to individual and the fight for liberty and freedom the conservatives are in the right for the most part. However when it comes the Terri, our congress and yes Terri's parents have alliances with people that want to force their personal beliefs on other people.

Yes the parents are devout Catholics and that should come at no surprise, but also in this fight is Randall Terry. Yes the same man who founded Operation Rescue who blocked abortion clinics and were anything but peaceful. The "Right To Life" movement will be using this for years to come. They will not only use this case to make sure your life can't be discontuined (make out your LIVING WILLS), but they will also use this to restrict a woman's right to choose when it comes to abortion. I do supported abortion in the first trimester but after that, No Way.

However Terry and the Catholic Church oppose any form of birth control include emergency contraception. They believe that if a woman opens herself to sexual activity even if that means she was violated by a rapist and becomes pregnant, then she must carry the child to expections. I did know a young woman who kept her child when she became pregnant by a rapist, and that was her choice. I just hope she is doing well and I would say for any mother raising a child on their own. The choice to become a mother must be left up to the Mother and MOTHER ALONE!!!

I mechioned Neal Boortz earlier in this post. According to Boortz; he and Hannity are not speaking. No surprise Hannity who is Catholic had on the many nurses who carried for Terri clamed that Michael was a bad guy and wanted to see Terri die. One nurse said that Michael used the word Witch but with B.

Keep in mind people that their are so many cases like Terri's that happened for years. This one only got the most media attention.

I hope that we can truly learn a few lessons from this. One people are living longer and man can prolong the lives of people. Get out a living will so that if the so-called Pro-Life get the upper hand you may not have to live like a plant for the rest of your life. Same thing goes if the "Right to Die" crowd gets the upper hand and your choice to live like a plant if that is what you really want.

Just don't tell me about allowing God to call us home, when man can keep us here longer.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

World Net Daily (which does have a Christian bias, but still one of the most visited websites for News) has made out a list of all the stories and commentaries that were featured on WND. And by the way that includes lefty Bill Press.

Michael Schiavo to Bush: Come down to visit Terri

Politics Raised in GOP Push to Help Terri Schiavo,2933,151092,00.html

Republicans Respond to Evangelicals on Schiavo...Next Up Abortion, I warn you people that they would push to limit a woman's right to choose.

PBS Shoots for Strength in Face of FCC Scrutiny. Yea that and other networks too. Now how about cutting off public broadcasting off the public dole.,2933,151213,00.html

Well at least Johnny McCain did something right

Dems are biggest stonewall to Social Securty reform and they are determed to keep us on the plantation. Star Parker also shows that key senators standing in the way are also the wealthiest. Slavary is the not "Gone With the Wind." It just morphed into something different and frankly my dear, I DO GIVE A DAMM!!!

Open markets and Free Trade, and Jack Kemp reminds us that these are good things.

Want to know a great villian of Progress??? One word "Bureaucracy." REgressives may disagree however, but they will call themselves Progressives anyway. Eliza Barclay has a great piece in any case.

Normaly I would disagree with Robert Scheer but this is an exception. Yes it involves Terri.,0,217670.column?coll=la-news-comment-opinions

In fairness here is Thomas Sowell and his take on Terri

Brian McNicoll calls for an end to election-law red tape...Got Blog??? MUST READ!!! Accually everyone that believes in free speech should and MUST READ this piece.

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Monday, March 21, 2005

Terri's Life on the Line and My Anti-Virus Program going NUTS on me

Sorry for no postings about Terri this during the past two days, but over the weekend I was getting my computer patched up and then after my anti-virus program keeps giving me a pop up message regarding an OLD virus from a year ago. This happens everytime I am connected to the internet. It is very annoying.

So that you know, I am keeping informed about this and I will not stop. Stay tuned to this blog, for recommended readings and thoughts from yours truly regarding the fight over Terri.