Friday, February 24, 2006

Sasha Takes Sliver

Yesterday I Said:

Anything is possible but my gut tells me that Sasha is NOT going to get Gold. However if everyone else screws up and she can skate clean then yes she might get it. Would be nice but I am not counting on it this time.

My gut was right and Sasha caved in to the presure. Some these people are too disperate for the Gold. It could have been Bronze for Sasha if the Russian fav skated clean.

You know what Sasha get out and just go Pro and have a good time. If you must do it all over again, don't do what Michelle Kwan did. Third time or Fourth Time (it will be for Sasha if makes the choice to try make the Winter Olympics in Canada in 2010) is not always the charm in Figure Skating.

The Results from

Regardless of Your Stand on the Port Deal; DON'T VOTE DEMOCRAT!!!!

Granted I am not a man that puts his faith in the Republican Party (I vote of them cause they are close to what I believe in for this country), and in spite of Rush Limbaugh supporting this UAB deal regarding our ports he does point out as well as Michele Malkin (and opposes the sale by the way) regarding the Dems stand against the Deal.

Its wrong for free enterprise to be friends with a company with ties to Arabs to be involved in our country but if its in someplace like in education (Elementary, Secondary, Higher Learning) well that is OK, cause after all the leftys have a monopoly on that right???

One thing about the Malkin's, the Glenn Beck's, the Gunny Bob Newman's, the Michael Savage's, the Neal Boortz's, and the Michael Graham's of the world regarding their opposition to the deal. Their are constant about their concern for the safety and America first and foremost.

The Dems; well its all about boosting their fame and buying votes. Their were crying and pitching a fit about the treatment of the Arabs. Now they do a 180 regarding this UAE deal saying its bad. People I warn you now don't get suckered by these Dems. They are not really concerned about the security about the ports. Their are more concerned about buying votes...Again.

Once the Dems get back into power then they return to the agenda of as Mike Rosen points out; "Progress on the Road To Socialism."

The Road to Socialism is the only thing that the leftys want to make Progress on. Nothing more and nothing less. No choice in education, and you can only to the neighborhood government school (unless your in the Goverment then your child will be educated so he/she can rule the dumb masses). Health Care; well that will all be taken care of by the Federal government and Hillary Care will be a great name for it. Taxes, well they need to go higher and higher(and the elites will be safe and no one from the dumb masses will ever be a threat to them). After all we have to "Help" the needy and be "free from want" as FDR reminded us all.

You call this "Progressive?" I call it OPPRESSIVE!!!!

Don't forget that with the Dems, you also get Barbara Boxer, Martin Sheen, Jennifer Gardner/Ben Aflack, Barbs, Rob "Meathead" Reiner and other Hollywood Types, The Kennedy Clan, Howard Dean, John Kerry Tom Dashale (even if he got voted out) and other Dem leaders past and present. Cindy Shehan and the other Anti-War people.

This is only the shortlist but its enough to remind you NOT TO VOTE DEMOCRAT!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Ports Ordeal

I have not said anything about transaction of some of our ports to Dubai Ports World which is a company operated by the United Arab Emirates which is a country in the middle east. Now I do cause this issue is still hot and I am still trying to hear all sides on this and believe this is not black and white.

Many on the left and right have expressed concern about this, and I am listen to all the debate on this issue. Most of the Talk Radio personalites that I have been I have listened to are opposing this. That list would include Neal Boortz, Gunny Bob Newman (KOA-AM Denver), Glenn Beck. Darth Fargo is also on the side of the talkers I mechioned along with many Dems which the expection of Jimmy Carter who supports this sale to this UAE Company.

Leading support of the UAE deal include Mike Rosen (another KOA-AM talker), and the mighty Godfather of talk radio Rush Limbuagh. Rosen says he have to deal with the real world, and Rush himself says that the company is not going to replace the current workers that work their, plus he points out the hypocrisy the left has regarding American-Arab relations. Seems that when it comes to the Enlightned Academia No Problem, but a Company that is part of the UAE then you have a problem. Can you say Union is piticing a fit, sure your can. Again Rush says that only the people that write their checks will change. Also showing support for the port deal is Repubican Senator Johnny McCain from Arziona.

As with other American-Globalist issues people are still not feeling relaxed about it, even if Rush says don't panic.

I can say I am still not crazy about selling or renting out ports to a country with certain ties to terrorists even if UAE says their are on our side. Talk is Cheep and its the Actions of certain people or groups that speak louder.

Opinons and stories on the Ports Ordeal

Sen. Rick Santorum-R Pennsylvania: Opposed to the Deal

Michelle Malkin: Opposed but points out the Dems double speak

Ann Coulter: Also takes the Dems to task but also does not like the deal

Newsmax reports that Democrat Jon Liberman supports the deal

Sen. Charles Schumer and Rep. Pete King a Democrat and Republican respectfuly out of the state of New York: Opposed

The Ladies Free Skate is Today

Sasha Cohen is our girl, but Russia's Irina Slutskaya is nipping at her, and Japan might get a medel as well if Shizuka Arakawa can keep it up.

In 2002 Sarah Hughes got the gold because everyone else including Michelle Kawn screwed up. If it were not for that Hughes would be a nobody. Hey she is a Hottie no matter what and I can say the same thing for little sister Emily.

Here is the break down of the 3 Medal Hopefuls

Anything is possible but my gut tells me that Sasha is NOT going to get Gold. However if everyone else screws up and she can skate clean then yes she might get it. Would be nice but I am not counting on it this time.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

John Stossel is not letting the issue of Education in America Go

It took weeks and weeks to do, but he put every element from his 20/20 program he did weeks ago in his weekly columns about the state of education in America.


Sounds like this is the final piece of these columns. He shows that even those that want to help the kids are forced to go home when the "Union" tells them to.

"We are not a unionized monopoly And ultimately those folks who want to say this all the time, they don't really care about kids."

Do you believe this statement from Randi Weingarten, a mastermind of the New York City Teacher's Union?

These Union Masterminds and the idiots that buy into this are full of themselves. Meanwhile our children suffer, and our country will suffer as well if this does not come to a stop. Who do you think you are????

Certain parents entrust the agendas of the teachers way too much. Your children are being cheated by people like Weingarten.

Stossel is truly a real life Mallard Fillmore. For those who don't know, Mallard Fillmore is a newspaper comic about a TV News reporter (the title character) who is a righty dealing with leftys all around him at the fictional WFDR-TV. Key in the call letter FDR (you know the man who's ideals are the keystone in the Democrat agenda). By the way Fillmore is a Duck (first name Mallard as in "Mallard Beak.").

Click here to visit King Features's Mallard Fillmore Page.

Want Imperialism??? Bush is far from it

You heard from the left. Bush Crime Family, Bush is a King, its an Imperial Government, now the ACLU is calling for the impeachment of Bush.

You know if you really want to see Imperial Goverment form before your eyes, what you really need to do is vote in the Democrats in both Houses of Congress and then elect a Democrat to the White House. Then you will very likely see Imperialism take effect.

Taxes will go even higher, more regulation and that includes killing talk radio, blogs all in the name of "fairness." It all belongs to the People. Can people see the parrels between this and what has and is happening in communist countries? Sadly the answer is no.

Look at how the Democrats talk about the "People" so much. They speak on Collective Terms. No mechion of Individuality at all, NONE!!!! They just keep talking like their speaking for all of us, and that is what they want in the first place. It's a red flag people, its about them and only them and they want to control you while they try to boost their cult of personality. Hey look at Ted Kennedy and and his useful idiot Darth Fargo (who might be giving Straight Talk in a Big Liberal City soon instead of the Heartland) says it best that Uncle Ted works really hard for the People.

What Ted Kennedy Might Say

Hey I got lots and lots of money, and even though its in a bank account in some small country, I really care about the people. Why cause I take it from you who works real hard and gives it to someone who can't and won't work as hard as you.

Only a fool would feel good about having their taxes rasied, to help those people that have lost "life's lottery." Can't they see what Ted Kennedy and other Dems are doing???? SPENDING OTHER PEOPLE'S MONEY!!!! Most of them never had a "Welfare Christmas" for crying outloud. Again as I said, its the Cult of Personalty

Democrats are not about the working people, its about impowering the elite and making sure that no one else enters their elite circle. Just like they did and still done in the communist countries past and present.

Recomended Readings related to this:

David Limbaugh blows this thing called Imperialism.

Story about the ACLU talking about "impeaching Bush." Can anyone stand up to this group and remind the people that the ACLU wants a Communist America? Yes that is what the ACLU's founder wanted.

MUST READ from Walter Williams about the "Indoctrination of our youth."

Freequent guest to Bill Bennett's talk radio program and now "I Hope" Number One Fill In host for Neal Boortz talks about "gutless socialism."

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Darth Fargo may be Leaving Fargo

Just like everybody else with a national syndcated radio talk show Darth Fargo (Ed Schultz) has to to leave the heartland and move to a liberal local in which even the righties work from.

Lets list them:

Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck: New York City

Neal Boortz: Atlanta

Michael Savage: San Fran

So who wants to take The Sith Lord of Socialist Talk Radio??? Well several liberal locals, according to Darth Fargo they are Seattle, Denver, and Miami. These cities are great for a lefty like Fargo. He truly speaks to these people.

Straight talk from the Heartland??? Looks it its not so. Soon Big Eddie will be just another inner city lefty, in which the Elites talk about carring about those who have less but their actions speak otherwise.

Did a less popular Talk Radio station in the Fargo market make a mistake in putting on Darth Fargo??? We shall see.

Still we need to support these scum bags who think they can do talk radio from the left. Well from the looks of things Socialist Talk will do fine in markets with lots of leftys. Denver, Portland OR, San Diego, Seattle, Madison, Miami will do just fine.

Related story from the AP

Monday, February 20, 2006

Grey's Anatomy draws better numbers than Housewives

Well the Winter Olympics still takes a back seat to both. Super Bowl helps but the real test is yet to game once the games end. Will Crossing Jordan with new episodes return Grey back to Pre-Super Bowl numbers???

That is what to look for. If not it may not matter, since NBC will be the home to NFL Sunday Night Football this Fall. Were will Jordan land because of this, or will it be a non-stop 22 Season run ala what ABC did with certain seasons of NYPD Blue and Alias???

More information on this can be found at

Winter Olympics: Not all Good and Not All Bad

Bryant Gumbel

If were a black man like him, I would use a term that is demining to blacks since only the group themselves can use it without being marked bigoted or whatever. Once again it proves that tolerance is nothing but a myth. Well now the Winter Olympics has its token black and he moved from the streets to wining Olympic Gold in Speed Skating. His name is Shai Davis, and say what you want but he won it fair and square. As of Gumble he is washed up, and proves that unlike his brother he does not fit in with the sports world. Please Mr. Gumbel retire and just go away.

Click here for a commentary from Doug Powers about that jerk named Greg Gumbel

Italians Fall, and their is No Love at all

Wished I have saw it for myself, but sadly I got tired of watching it and Matt Drudge was talking about it any away. Says the Celebs on "Skating with Celeberties" (FOX) are better skaters than the ice dancers allthough he confused it with a similer show on ABC. Anyway; The Italians Barbara Fusar Poli and Maurizio Margaglio had no love for each other as they are out of the picture. Guess what people Russia could be sweeping the gold this year and all the Figure Skating Events. I would be floored if Sarah's younger sister won the gold, but everyone else as to screwup just like the Ice Dancers did on Sunday.

Story about this from USA Today

Sunday, February 19, 2006

"The New Adventures of Old Christine" Same OLD Sitcom

A few posts ago, I wrote:

From the marketing it looks it may take the Dramedy route. Knowing CBS however with the pattern of its half hour sitcoms (Love Monkey does not count since it was an hour. 40 minutes without commercials) that may not happen. It will be just like everyone else. Multi-Camera shots, sound stage sets (EVEN Outdoors), and YES that wonderful canned laughter track (hopefully its done live).

No surprises here, CBS takes the same path. Recent promos show that it is exactly as I discribed it. Multi-CamerashotsSoundstageSetsCannedLaughter.

Now that is a mouthful. How I hate CBS in the sitcom department. Look the days of Norman Lear are long gone, film has gotten better or (making look like film) and more/less we are going back to the 60's in someways regarding the sitcom. Does anyone want to make more Earls and Malcom's, and Chris's. Well CBS's sister network does (UPN) and FOX and NBC are open to it now. I heard CBS might have this kind of show in the wings for the fall, and we have yet to hear from ABC about this.

And the Denver Post wants MORE sitcoms??? Not if its the same canned laughter crap over and over.

The ideal of a laugh track was to give the home viewer that same feel as being at something live or at the picture show, or at a radio broadcast (yes a Radio broadcast). They felt that watching something like "I Love Lucy" without laughter would not be so good. If I am not mistaken I think they used the real audience for that one. Remember TV was brand new in the 1950's and it would be years until the computer would be as great as it is now. During the 1960's even into the 80's the cannned laughter was taken a bit too far.

The laugh track was used on shows that did not have a live audience and on animated series like The Flintstones, Pink Panther (after the original live action movie proved to be a Box Office hit), Scooby-Doo etc.

Logic would tell you that is impossible for a Cartoon show to be done in a live audience, unless you brought in a audience to watch it and get the laughs or you records those laughs far in advance and insert them as needed. Some faught the laugh track during this time and lost. One of those was Larry Gelbart who created the TV Series M*A*S*H in the 70's. Say what you want about it being Anti-War (Using the Korean War to make Vietnam look bad) cause I do myself, but Gelbart did not want the laugh track at all. However he lost, but CBS allowed him not to use it during scenes in Operation Room, and certain episodes when a laugh was not appropriate. However certain syndcation packages did omit the canned laughter and the DVD releases of M*A*S*H give the viewer a choice of watching the episodes with or without the canned laughter.

American TV really took the laugh track way too far. At least in Great Britain they knew how to use it and use it right. They did too use a live audience, and for the exterior shots they shots those in advance and played them in the studio when needed. You still got the real laughter and thats what counts.