Saturday, June 17, 2006

Saturday Readings

Some people are happy that about the FCC Fine increase for "Indencey." Here is Brent Bozell to tell you why its a good thing.

For the record he is the Parents TV Council as well as the Media Research Center. I support his MRC cause, but not PTV.

Larry Kudlow says Bush has bounced back with a winning message.

I agree with Robert Novak. Too Much Gore.

Speaking of Bad Science Deb Saunders says Bad Science is being used to move us away from Captial Punishment

Bad News for Cuba. Seems they will remain Communist with or without Fidel. The remark however was said by ANOTHER Castro and I mean a BLOOD Relative.

Ann Coulter says that Newsweek lied about her. Hey in one international edidtion they put our flag in a Garbage Can.

Children's Book about Cuba gets banned from Miami Government School libaries. Good Ideal since these children are impressable, but neverless the ACLU is pitching a fit. We know that the ACLU had Communism as a means to an end right from the start. Its founder said it and not me.

Good News for Cynthia McKinney. Bad news for the rest of us who want to see this woman put in her place.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Friday Readings

Bernie Sanders Complains about Talk Radio and gives kind words for Air America. Hey if The (Socialist) Nation can find limo leftys and survive so can Air America.

Michael Barone talks about the left reliving the Watergate/Socialist days, and how that is now blowen up in their face.

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

The outrage from the left in general only proved Ann Coulter's point about how the left uses "victims" to forward their agenda. Mark Davis explains this.

Mike Rosen has his take on Coulter and the Left Wing "Victims," and why leftys like the Gray Lady's Maureen Dowd get a pass from the Media (The Answer is ever so Clear).

One more piece about Coulter. This time from David Limbaugh.

If their is anyone that the Media would love to Take Out more than Bush, its the state of Israel, Mona Charen points out that the Gray Lady pulled a Mary Mapes/Dan Rather recently to make Israel look bad. READ ON!!!

Charles Krauthamer talks about on on-going conflict between Israel-Palestine and how Hamas in control does make it any better.

If its one thing the UN will do, they will disarm the adverage citizen (no surprise since they want to rule the world). Mary Katharine Ham reviews Wayne LaPierrce (of the NRA) new book about how the UN wants to Ban Guns.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The "Public Airwaves"

When it comes to over the air broadcasting, Cable many people like you say that WE The People Own the airwaves. The reality is the GOVERNMENT owns the airwaves. In my perfect world the FCC would only make sure that the property of the radio station frequences would not be traspased on by Pirates or whatever.

But even though their is not as much scarcidy as their was in the 1930's you Goverment still makes sure that they stay in control in everything they touch their dirty hands and that includes radio and TV.

Controling the public airwaves so-called is not just limited to leftys who want the "Fairness Doctrine" so that that they can "Crush" Rush, "Slam" Hannity, "Savage" Savage, "Boortz" Boortz and once again claim their monopoly once more. Its also being done by Social Conservatives who wish for the days of "Leave it to Beaver" and Ozzie and Harriet. Today the Social Conservatives scored a victory today when President Bush signed the Broadcast Decency Act of 2005 into law.

While it does not change the laws on the books allready it does increase the Indecency Fines to $325,000. The fines piror to that were $32,500.

Bush pandering to the Social Rightys, said that children are living; "in a culture that too often produces coarse, vulgar and obscene entertainment. Unfortunately, in recent years, broadcast programming has too often pushed the bounds of decency."

Can you devine what you mean by 'pushed the bounds of decency' Mr President? Yes; you admited that parents need to control the viewing habits of our children but making such a statement is kind of making you two faced on this issue.

Charles Pickering a congressmen from Mississippi is suggesting that broadcast licenses be snatched. He want to say; "A healthy democracy requires a decent society; it requires that we are honorable, generous, tolerant and respectful. Our public airwaves provide a chance to affirm we want to be a good, decent people — a good, decent nation. America does not want vulgarity and sexual exploitation to be our values, and we do not want the world to think those are our standards. We want to be a better nation and a better people, with better standards."

OK Honorable, Generous, Tolerant, Respectful are all great values. I think however you forgeting something Pickering. You think everyone in America is a Prude just like you. You think everyone is a God Fearing Religious Zelot like you are. That is not true and not everyone that is on the "right" is someone that is bowing down to Christian Right and Catholic. Granted I can live without HBO and their orginal shows like "Deadwood," "The Sopranos," and "Sex and the City." In the world outside of Preston, ID people don't not say flippin, they say F---k, allthough they did not really use THAT word in Deadwood but a profane term/terms that was hip at the time.

I don't think that returning to days of sleeping in two seperate beds (even if your married) is going to make the world better. Yes that what they showed in TV in the 50's. You just could talk about Sexual Reproduction on TV. Oh yea, the Stork came to those white picket fences and dropped a baby off. Help us if that is what Pickering wants to teach our children. Will FOX have to tone down the violence on its hit show '24' to make these prudes happy??? We shall see. This is one law that our courts really need to get on. Remember when the Government wanted to mandate a "Family Hour?" No way...they lost on that one.

I really get sick and tired of people who call themselves "Pro-Family" when they they want Government to run our lives and make it "safe" for them and their Religion. Yes I said Religion, cause so many of them are. 'Focus on the Family' is a Christian Group and they make no bones about it, but its the same groups that hide behind the term "family" to foward their agenda.

You want to live a Make Believe world were everyone is so nice and sweet fine, just tell your children when they are comming of age, that the world may not expect their religious beliefs.

Bush Signs Law

Charles Pickering remarks

Today Darth Fargo is crying on Unfairness on his show and how ownership and is hoping for the day when his Democrat Friends can force his show on Powerhouse radio stations. He screams about how the Media Companies are so UNFAIR!!! NO THEY ARE NOT ED!!!!

Rush Limbaugh could have failed at his talk show, but the demand for his commentary was so high that he is now heard on over 600 stations. Hannity is also popular nationwide and has cleared 500 stations. These shows have stood their ground because they were able to attract an audience. This is the Free Market at work.

Ed Schultz aka Darth Fargo has been able to attact people in markets that have a liberal populus plus cracking the top ten in the who's who in the most listened to talkers according to Talkers Magazine but has yet to make the mark that Limbaugh and Hannity have nationwide. The only way Schultz can do that is for the Democrats to reanact the "Fairness Doctine" and force radio stations to air his program. I can't wait, hearing Democrats that will never be challanged unlike Rush does on his show. Ed Schultz will make sure that the Democrats are seen as the Good Guys and Angels and will all the good things they do (like how Big Government is a Good thing etc etc). I can tell you it will not stop their. They will go after sites like Townhall, Drudge Report, and Bloggers like myself and keep us in check to make sure that the Authortarins are never EVER questioned.

Do you know a place in this world were stuff like this happens??? I can name one place...CHINA!!! Have you forgotten how the Dems and leftys thought that the Soviet Union was somekind of Heaven on Earth????

Ed Schultz does not have a right to be heard on whatever station he wants to be on. Schultz being yanked off KSL Radio in Salt Lake City is no different than Michael Graham yanked in DC for his remarks on the religion on Islam or Colorado talker Chuck Baker yanked for his stance on Illegal Immgration in a market in which has been known as a save haven for them...Not Denver, not Boulder but Pueblo.

Protests happen a lot and cause a lot of bad PR for radio stations and the companies that own them. Freedom of Speech is not obsolete.

We do not need the Government manding what we can watch and listen to. This country was built on the Free Market...LET IT DECIDE!!!! Darth Fargo may lose in a few markets but he has his niche for sure. No different for Sports Talker Jim Rome, or Hot Talkers Tom Leykis, Don & Mike, and Opie and Anthony. Leykis is not heard everywere but he still does well, and so will the Sith Lord of Socialist Talk.

Also you don't like what TV is offering now???? Turn it off and hopfuly you will get a few more "7th Heaven" type shows on the air.

Meanwhile their are PLENTY of outlets that leftys and rightys can go to for information...MORE SO NOW!!!!

P.S. Walter Cronkite is a Global Socialist (he admits it) and spun his story to fit his world view. Was he really Fair is the "Most Trusted Man in America?"

Thursday Readings

Neal Boortz says Thanks to Ft. Lauderdale and Boca, Next Stop Naples, Plus comments on the Fair Tax, Flag Day and the Flag Burnning Amedment, Katrina Waste, Democrats demanding at time table and Joe Liberman might be leaving the Dems and Go Indy. Click here to go read this thoughts and comments.

Is The Kerry going to lay of Bush for once regarding the Iraq war? Larry Elder says forget it.

Ann Coulter is NUMBER 1!!!! Too Bad Leftys. No more Edward R. 'Chain Smoker' Morrow's or Walter 'Crankerhouse' Cronkite's to help and protect Socialists that want to ruining this country and eat all of our Steak...or shelving it if they a bunch of Vegtarians Go on you Democrats, Worship Bill Clinton all you want. She is only getting started exposing your "Godless" Church.

By the Morrow is dead, Cronkite showed his real colors (advocating an Authortain Government especally a Global One), and Rush "American's Anchor Man" Limbaugh is now "The Must Trusted Man" in American.

Mike Adams interviews Al Gore??? True or Faux its a fun read.

Is the Death of Zarqawi a turning point for the Presdient??? Matt Towery talks about it.

George Will has his take on the Operations in Iraq after Zarqawi

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wendesday Readings

Thanks For Waiting Here We Go!!!

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Now The Kerry says he was mislead into voting for going into Iraq.

Soon Colorado will have a Anti-Smoking Law. Walter Willams takes on these people in his piece this week.

The Real World Mallard Fillmore takes on the Enviors and their "religion."

This one should make Darth Fargo and Union Types somewhat happy. Still he and the Unions will do what he can for the Dems but the real losers will be those trying to get a job.

In spite of what has happened, Tom Bevan says that the Marine Corps are still honorable.

While we are on the subject, Michelle Malkin (who is called the Dragon Lady by Socialist talker Stacy Taylor) has her say the Marine Flap.

The liberals are drooling over the guy who started the beloved "Daily Kos" blog. Ben Shapiro says that this could be their own undoing.

Brent Bozell talks about how the News Media does NOT GIVE time to show the Victories and heroism regarding the war on terror. But hey the NBC Gang will relive the memories of Kate Cookie Cutter before she goes to CBS. Does the media sees these guys (Islamic Terrorists) as the NEW Socialists are something??? Have Mercy On Us.

Jonah Goldberg talks about Al Gore's Movie.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tuesday Readings

John Kerry pushes a bill that outlines a "Withdraw" from Iraq. David Limbaugh says he just wants attention.

Dennis Prager talks about the twisted mind of Michael Berg and how the "Greens" were at one time "REDS!" You know Commies???

Random Thoughts from Thomas Sowell.

Pat Buchanan is not buying Mike Pence's Immirgration Bill

Two Pieces Regarding Leftist Blog "Daily Kos"

Bryon York

Jeff Emanuel

Two Stories Regarding Ann Coulter

One from Newsmax

One from World Net Daily

Bill Clinton says the GOP is causing hurricanes. Remember friends ONLY Socialism can save us. Now tell me who thinks your stupid??? The Left or the Right??? Ed Schultz aka Darth Fargo STOLE the "Stupid" line from Laura Ingraham. But hey Dems are very good at Theft.

Deb Saunders says it best about "Global Warming." It has become a Religion.

Demand for Oil is Down, and that means Gas Prices are down. Since the mainline media does not watch to know about this, I have left the link.

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz. Sorry Leftys, Karl Rove is not going to have BOOK Thrown at him. Another setback for the left to get their Securty Blanket of power and Stick it to Bush. Don't worry you might still get Congress this year.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Monday Readings

The Proof is still being reivled about Saddam and the WMD's.

Bad News for Hillary's Dreams in Becoming Maddam President. The MAN comming out on top is a surprise and its NOT The Kerry.

Why can't the left win elections. Look how they react to the death of Zarqawi, and certain leftys accualy want us to LOSE. Michael Barone explains.

Mark Styen keeps us up to date on the GOOD News in Iraq.

Diana West says in spite of what Iraqi PM says, their are more important things to be concerned about in Iraq.

Joseph Farah Present his review of Ann Coulter's "Godless."

Looks like Zarqawi was planing a Terrorist Attack in America before he took the dirt nap. Is this not good news??? Seems not according to the liberal elite.

Rusty Humphries shows us why the Left "strikes out" when it comes to the game of Public Policy. The message is Clear guys.

Thoughts on Leftys Demonizing Ann Coulter (she is just preaching Hate Right???), al Zarqawi, and Hate Crimes. Neal Boortz Presents these thoughts.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunday Readings

Awwww! Two Democrats want to ban Ann Coulter cause she dared to go after their beloved "Girls."

Many other Dems want her to recant. Don't Ann its only a sign of weakness and shows that the left can intimdate those who truly expose them for what they are. Those Jersey Girls should never be given an exemption especially if they trying to get Democrats elected.

Click here for Ben Shaprio's review on Coulter's new book. He has lots to say about it include those Jersey Girls who got an exemption from the "Board Room" of public opinion. In this Coulter call their bluff and even if they don't get sent to the street she will make sure that people see them for what they are.

Fidel Castro and Cindy 'Sunshine' Sheehan are not to happy about Zarqawi's Death. Could it be that they might fail in making it another Vietnam??? Click the respected names to get two different stories.

Peter Cuthbertson talks about Europe's latest attack on America.

George Will talks about Al Gore and the possible End of the World unless we let the Socialists run this country.

John Leo has a great piece on what liberals claim happens (assertions) do not really happen.