Saturday, September 30, 2006

Saturday Readings

Robert Novak has his newsroundup. Thoughts on Clinton, Democrat Discorde, Bush support for Lieberman

Democrats always like to place the race card in hopes it will get them votes and a win, but Star Parker says that the real rascists love to play political games while the black community continues to suffer as they are a growing underclass. Remeber that Bill Clinton takes credit for being the FIRST Black President.

Lawrence Kudlow gives us facts over Democratic Fantasies.

Henry Lamb looks at the Climate hype vs. Climate facts and points out the double standards by our leaders regarding soluations INCLUDING "Alternative Energy." Can't built a windmill were they live. Shows them for the sobs they are.

Did you know that in the country of Germany (my mother's home land by the way) it is illegal to homeschool??? Well a European Union Court has upheld a rulling making one family guily of this "crime" of prevening their children of becoming part of the German "society." This ban on homeschooling can be traced back to Nazi Germany.

Bush: NIE Leak Caused 'Misimpressions'

Friday, September 29, 2006

CBS Nips ABC on Thursday Night

Well, Well, Well it looks CSI niped Grey a bit but right now it looks like both shows will co-exist.

Survivor beat Ugly Betty in the 18-34 demo and in the weeks to come we shall see if Betty's numbers slip or mantain enough momentium to stay on the air.

Expect "Six Degress to be canceled, and while CBS's Shark does not have the draw as "Without a Trace" does it still is competitve and is in neck and neck with ER.

Overnight ratings results via

Friday Readings

Again Mike Rosen deals with something that is Colorado, but I am going to link it because it deal with one of the lefts favorate issues. Rasing the Minimum Wage. It appears that most people don't understand this thing called a starters wage, economic realities and then some.

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Roger Kimball talks about Germany shuting down an Opera Production because of the fear it would offended Muslims.

The Dems have seizied upon the National Intelligence Estimate (Thanks for nothing Gray Lady). David Limbaugh that this is just the Democrat helping the Enemy WIN!!!!

Hal Lindsey also has his take on NIE and points out the number of death on 9/11 and in recent wars.

Melanie Morgan hammers the point that Iraq is the center of the war on Terror

Daniel Henninger warns the Dems using the Anti-Iraq as policy will not give them the win they grave so much.

Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch talks about the flap between Pope Benedict XVI and the Muslims. Also he reminds us about what is at stake. Koch is a Dem but yet his own party refuses to listen.

Patrick Buchanan who is a Protectionist. Offer his advice on bring Job back to the states. Here is one for ya, LESS REGULATION HERE IN AMERICA!!!! In order words don't overegulate business domesticly. That is why they are moving away.

Mona Charen is worried about the lack of Grown Ups especially when you have young girls expressing themselves Sexually. Women's Lib Gone Too Far???

In spite the fact that Joseph Lieberman support the War on Terror, William F. Buckley reminds us that he is still a lefty. Just not a Moveon type.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

'Ugly Betty" is On Tonight

Well everyone from Zap2it to USA Today have nothing but kind words for the Americaized Telenovel and America Ferrera who plays the title role. It began in Columbia and then spead in many places of the world include the U.S.A and on the Alphabet/Mouse Network (ABC). Right now Spanish Language Network Univison is airing the Mexican version of the show and remember that version airs five days a week and eventually will come to end sooner than the Americanized Betty...unless the ratings drop and I really think they will not.

Ugly Betty will be a hit and truly will be a great lead in to Grey's Anatomy, and ABC will be the winner of Thursday night. Yes I did say that CBS would be the winner, but I was going to say ABC at first. Should have stuck with it.

Looks like ABC has gotten themselves some shows that convince the females of the "house" to take the remote from the men and tune to something that Romance (and SEX) and give CBS a few hits but still hangs though. NBC also is able to hold its head up so far even though its in 3rd place overall on Thursday nights. Their are fans of Earl and The Office and those who don't care for Grey on ABC or CSI on CBS, NBC's Deal or No Deal will sure grab those people.

As for me I shall watch Smallville on The CW and tape NBC's Earl and Office. Should I have to make a choice between the two networks. Then its The CW and Smallville.

Thursday Readings

Soon you can buy your gas at 7-Eleven once again, for they are dropping Citgo and selling their own. Citgo is owned the Government of Venezuela, presided over by Hugo Chavez aka Fidel Castro's Mini-Me.

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Cal Thomas looks at the attempt of the left to defeat George Allen. The left has not a racist bone in their body right???? WRONG!!! Look no further than Robert Byrd. Do you want Byrd to be given a platform to 500+ radio stations because of the Fairness Doctrine??? That is what Darth Fargo (Ed Schultz) wants to do and he admited it.

Ann Coulter breaks down Clinton's Tryraid with Chris Wallace of the EVIL FOX News Channel. Does this now convince you that the rest of the establishment media is a PR machine for the Democratic Party??? Clinton can lie all he wants and get away with it.

Larry Elder compares statements made by Hugo Chavez with key people in the Democratic party and wonders if the later really wrote Mini-Me's speech.

Joseph Conner says that Bill Clinton pardoned terrorists that were involved in the death of his father. Intresting Read.

Victor Davis Hanson looks at the rise of the NEW Anti-Semitism and why it is not being looked down upon. One word...ISLAM!!!!

We Wait a little longer on Iran's move. Europe just thinks they can "talk" and everything will be all right. Iran needs a SPANKING!!!

White House Defends Partial Release of Secret Intel Report on Iraq. Not good enough for the media. They want it all released and they might fight hard to do so.

Falling US gas prices boost Bush poll numbers. Are we that dumb to believe that Bush controls the price of Gas??? Sadly YES!!!

House passes terrorism detainee bill backed by Bush. Don't have to tell you what the Dems think of it. They would rather give the Detainne's 'Civil Rights.' Civil Rights for those that want to kill you.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Wednesday Readings

First the first week of the New TV Season

TV networks enjoy solid start to fall season

However the Newbees this year have yet to prove themselves i.e. their not HITS just yet.

Nielsen Top 20

Top 20 Cable shows, Top Network Shows among 18-49, and Top Ten TiVo Shows

Now More Harder and Important Stuff

Several MORE Pieces Regarding Clinton's FOX News Interview

Kathleen Parker

Brent Bozell

Cal Thomas

Ben Shapiro

Dick Morris

FOX News: Broom Hilda defends her man

Other Issues

Burt Prelutsky takes on the very leftist 9th Circuit Court for their stance on a NEW Trial for a Convicted Killer and the Belief that you don't have a right to own Firearms

Think Big Business doesn't like BIG Government???? THINK AGAIN!!! John Stossel shows why Corporate American enjoys Big Government. Let the Free Market decide the fates of Corporate America.

Remember Charlotte Church??? The sweet young Welsh-Soprano who other than Sarah Brightman made Andrew Lloyd Webber's Pie Jesu a famous piece??? Those days are over and Church has gone Pop, and as Michlle Malkin points out she is a Sweet Girl NO MORE!!!!

Walter Williams gives us the True Meanings of Discrimination or prejudice.

Jack Kelly looks at what the NIE report reallys says and not the Spin Given by the New York Times who we know has a agenda.

How to defeat politically motivated leaks??? This from the Wall Street Journal.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tuesday Readings

Neal Boortz's comments today as he visits DC

More and More People want the Government to take over health care. I am sure Michael Moore loves this.

Wallace-Clinton Combat Draws Big Ratings for FOX News Sunday. It even beat NBC's Meet The Press.

Bill Kristol says Clinton had three things in mind that he wanted to accomplish with the FOX Interview. Clinton is a Smart (and calculating) politician and this is a MUST READ!!!!

Debra Saunders wonders why Clinton goes on FOX News and talk about his failure to catch Obl. Oh you tried so you say and that is want counts...Good Intentions.

Thomas Sowell talks about the revelations over the past week regarding the Islamofacists. You want to give these killers civil rights???

David Limbaugh ask the question: Who makes the terrorists hate us? He also shows that Dems only care about returinng to power.

For years the Dems have played the "The Rich Getter Richer, Poor Get Poorer Card." Bruce Bartlett says the stagnation is due to the costs of "benefits" and that their are not enough in the 'working class' that the Dems keep targeting their message to.

When to comes to fighting back New Math the parents know the right equations. Phyllis Schlafly says that this took 17 years to reverse and we are paying the price for it.

The Pope was slamed not attack Muslims but for confronting EVIL as Dennis Prager explans.

Joseph Farah says let Castro's Mini-Me be himself cause the way he speaks shows his true Socialist Colors.

Les Kinsolving defends Rummy aganist the usual types that want to see him thrown to the dogs.

All Star Choir from Europe can't sing sacred music. COME ON THIS IS THE CLASSIC STUFF!!! Are some of you THAT ofended. I think that certain Non-Belivers are just as bad as the Belivers when it comes to being unsure of their faith.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Monday Readings

Comments on Clinton's interview, Muslims don't like Car ad, and more from Neal Boortz

Chris Wallace: Clinton's anger like a 'mountain coming down'

Click here to watch Clinton lose it.

Democratic National Committee applauds Clinton's actions with Chris Wallace.

Bryon York has his thoughts regarding Clinton and the way he handled terrorism. The Record shows he is a failure but never mind that. Clinton is just a Good Democrat that worked hard for the "people."

Oil Prices Fall Below $60 a Barrel. Dems wrinning their hands. How to get the gas to up to $5??? Elect the Dems and you will, they want us to be more friendly to Europe you know.

Jack Kelly says if anyone is hiding the facts its the Dems.

Mike Adams has a Fall Reading List for you all.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sunday Readings

World Leaders Skeptical About Osama Death Report

No evidence bin Laden is dead: Saudi Arabia

Hugo Chavez: Bush May Try to Kill Me for 'Devil' Remark. No he will kill you if YOU Castro's Mini-Me try or maybe plan to attack us.

Hugo Chavez: Bush Should Resign Presidency

Evangelical Voters More Jaded in 2006

Venezuelan Official Detained at JFK