Friday, June 03, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Mike Rosen talks about the fillbuster compromise in his piece this week.,1299,DRMN_86_3826195,00.html

Frank Salvato reminds us that compromise always (if not most of the time) Positions to the left.

Lee Duigon ponders if today's media (the unoffical arm of the Dems) had reported on WWII (Then again FDR was in office).

Bob Parks lets us know that HE is the one recording his audio commentaries and has no ties to any radio syndicators (YET!!!), and talks about the "10 Reasons Not to Kill Bush" piece and then some in his audio commentary this week. Got Windows Player???? It will play MP3 files.

To help refresh you memory. Here is the 10 Reasons Piece from Jennifer McBride

The Left Asks, Will We Ever Win Again? Byron York talks about it.

Four checks per household. Devvy Kidd says our government (Both the GOP and the Dems) are putting our children in financial bondage. As always good reading from the Kidd.

Charles Krauthammer reminds that even if you close Guantanamo Bay it will not solve anything if we still cuddle terrorists and do anything but "defend ourselves."

What if we don't win the war on terror??? Cliff May warns us that unlike Ho Chi Min these Islamo-Fascists will not bid by "Live and Let Live."

Pat Buchanan shares his thoughts on Mark "Deep Throat" Felt in his piece; "Completing the Watergate Picture."

Ben Stein has more thoughts about Felt

John Tabin says that Felt's mission to bring down Nixon was all about 'bureaucratic jealousy.'

Parks in this weeks audio commentary (see above) talks about the lefts love affair with appeasement. David Limbaugh too has some thoughts about it.

If it is one thing about the Dems, a handful of righty media outlets is too many. Jeff Jacoby has somethings to say about it. Now you wonder why the leftys want a "Fairness Doctrine." Its not about 'fairness', its about the left getting their media monopoly back, so that evil Republicans can be put in their place but heaven forbid it would never happen to holy saints of the Democratic Party.

Jonah Goldberg has thoughts about the EU in his piece "Brussels is Burning."

Ronald Bailey has a review on Michael Crichton's book "State of Fear."

Tonights Token Leftys are Robert Reich and Bill Press

Reich has his ideal to sofen the blow when the housing boom ends

Bill Press hopes for a modern day Deep Throat so that W. Bush can be ran out of office. Not going to happen. You friends and Dan & Mary tried but were caught lying. Oh well you can do talk radio once again Mr. Press

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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Our troops are not weclome at a government middle school, Deep Throat, and CNN is 25 years old. Neal Boortz has these thoughts

Ben Stein has a great take on Deep Throat and other Richard Nixon hatas. Not only Vietcong won but Cambodia was sold out to the Khmer Rouge

Media Defend 'Deep Throat,' Despise Linda Tripp, Brian Williams shows Clinton the love, and CNN founder credits Castro in creating CNN International. Today's Cyberalert from Media Research Center.

Robert Novak has his thoughts on Deep Throat

So does Peggy Noonan

Ann Coulter has a sweet piece about the 7 in Senate Compromice on the right side

Larry Elder talks about Newsweek's contempt for America

Alan Reynolds talks about 'Hong Kong's excellent taxes.'

Mike S. Adams talks about your college degree

Random thoughts from Ross Mackenzie

John McCaslin talks about Bob Woodward's walk. He along with Carl Bernstein were the ones that helped bring Nixon down.

J.B. Williams reminds us that freedom involves risk and the attempts by socialists to 'idiot proof' our nation results leaving a country to idiots. This piece is a MUST READ!!!

Nathan Tabor is outing the leftys at NPR

Dustin Hawkins asks about Clinton's Deep Throat. Never mind, we know but read his piece anyway.

Bush's 3 little words, 1 big betrayal. Israel the PLO crowd is gunning for ya. Hal Lindsey has more.

If Hillary Clinton does go down in history as the first woman pres. Be VERY afraid. Joseph Farah says this woman was working behind the scenes when her hubby was in power, plus the Clintons did a great job of taking out their rivals who wanted to bring them down.

Burt Prelutsky has thoughts on the new mayor of LA

Bush and Nixon they both broke laws, but never a lefty right??? Tonights token is from Jason Leopold who also brings up that Dowing Street memo in which leftys hope its true, so that we will being to trust the enlightend left.

Bonus Lefty: DT did not betray his was Nixon. So says Sheryl McCarthy,0,2301972,print.column?coll=ny-viewpoints-headlines

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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

I saw the final Star Wars movie today. I talk about it and the state of our nation following these readings.

Many of our Police Departments must be equal employers and that might not help us. Just as the Milltary our Police must pick the right people mostly strong men. Walter Williams shows how PCism is not a good thing.

Oh how the media operates. Great piece from Brent Bozell

Media loves "Deep Throat," The Gulag, and Bush Vs. Clinton face off in 2008. Its today Cyberalerts from the Media Research Center.

The European Disease in America, Government going after political websites & radio talk shows, and the American Family Assocation boycotting Ford Motor Company. All this and more from Neal Boortz.

Michelle Malkin presents the truth of what happened at Guantanamo Bay. MUST READ cause the mainliners will never tell you.

Two Muslims group had an anti-terriorism rally in DC. Did the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) join in??? I think we know the answer. Its a big fat NO!!! More from Joel Mowbray.

Last week Linda Chavez felt the Senate Compromise was a good thing. One week later she sees the light regarding the John Bolton angled and now has changed her tune. The Dems don't want him at the UN.

David Limbaugh reminds us that the Dems DO HAVE principles. It just not good principles

The Food and Drug Administration does a good job protecting us from bad things, but can the FDA take things too far??? John Stossel looks into the what the FDA does.

Here are some EU pieces regarding France...Stay tuned for some Danish ones coming soon

Tony Blankley

Terence Jeffrey

Cal Thomas

Dave Zweifel is tonights token lefty. See the issues within corporations and see a chance to promote single payer health care. Can you say Socialized Medicne???

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Thoughts on 'The Sith' and where America is going

Well I finally went to see Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, and may its was a great movie, and connects the ever famous Episode IV, V, and VI movies.

A few weeks ago, USA Today published a story in which certain leftys who saw this movie really read a lot into this movie in which compared the rise of the Sith (Palpatine & Anakin) to the current Bush administration. The ever famous line used in Sith is 'you are with me or against me.' I think Bush said if I am not mistaken is 'you are with us or with the terrorists.'

While their might be a 'crack' at those who believe in absolutes, meaning (according to the leftys) the rightys are really the sith and leftys are good hearted jedi, and let us not forget that the Christian Right too as part of that dreaded sith. Well I have issues with the Christian Right but I think they hardly qualify as being part of the sith.

Their are elements in this movie in which I can apply for myself and my ideals. During Anakin's inner struggle Palpatine tells Anakin he needs to be more open minded to the ideals of the Sith and tells Anakin that things are not what the seem. Meaning that the Jedi could be the bad guys, and the Sith... well they were missunderstood. In public policy we as a people are eternally trying to find out what the truth is. Being open minded is one thing but finding out the truth is another.

Here in America we are trying to find out what is the truth from our political leaders, and granted both the Republicans and Democrats do mislead people, and sadly that is part of the job. If Bush is Palpatine, then is Hillary Clinton the 'chosen one' to usher in balance to our troubled nation???

However here is something to think about. What if Hillary declares herself Empress? Will the leftys of the world rise up and call a spade a spade, or in their blind love for this woman will an Earth Based Empire rise. Its a stretch but I hope you see the point. If Hillary did delcare herself Empress, I would be saying to myself; "So this is how a Republic dies."

Bush is bad because he is a Republican and supports greedy corporations, and Hillary and her Democrat Jedi Knights are the ones fighting for that little guy and putting those greedy rich people in their places.

I would hardly call the Republicans Jedi Knights. I think people like myself, Neal Boortz. Larry Elder, and other liked minded people (yes the REAL libertarians and NOT the CVIL kind who I say are part of the dark side) would quallfy for the role of Jedi Knights than most in the GOP. At least we do to the best of our abilities supporting what our founding fathers intended for this nation.

The Democrats have been truly seduced by the dark side of the Force and I can tell you, if their is a real life Sith, they are truly indeed a part of the Democrat Party. They want to enslave, and control everyday Americans like you and me, and they will use the Dark Side of the Force. The United States may not be enough for these Sith...United Nations anyone??? Yep they want to rule the world. The dreams of Marx, Lennin, Stalin, Khrushchev would finaly come true. A world ruled under communism.

George Lucas is a lefty no doubt about it, but the statements in 'Sith' leaves a little breathing room to interpret the way you want to see this movie. Hope you enjoyed my interpretation of movie.

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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Thomas Sowell looks at the enviormental movement in Cally and their attempts to stonewall development.

Bill Murchison presents a toast to the French. At least they gave the EU a setback.

Life of those on our college campus's. Mike S. Adams they are out of touch with reality

Ideology and partisanship aren't soulmates. Very True and Bruce Bartlett shows us how allowing U.S. Senate voted in by popular vote (17th Amendement) has hurt our federal government

Chinese spooks: A growing Red menace. Peter Brookes has a MUST READ!!!

Problem Kids??? Never mind the kids, how about the parents??? Bob Parks has a great piece that a very good reading, that shows the hell that School Bus Drivers go through with these problem kids and the parents don't renforce the displine that these drivers enforce.

Limousine Liberals. Ed Schultz would have you believe that they vote for the Dems becuase they know that might have been poor and want to be see as such nice people. Will Malven says the Limo Leftys are nothing but Hypocrites. While we hard working people work for the governments programs they live a big houses and then some.

Mychal Massie tells conservtive Republicans to leave the RINO (Republicans In Name Only) behind, but stay in the party.

Take out Iran before they attack America??? Joseph Farah says YES!!! This is a MUST READ!!!

Tonights Token Leftys

Heard about ten reasons why not to kill Bush piece???? Well here it is from Jennifer McBride of the University of Oregon.

Who is worse???? Saudi Arabia/Middle East or Venezuela??? Anyway Jeff Cohen the lefty version of Brent Bozell (I do link piece frmo Bozell from time to time) wants to you to buy your gas from Citco (part of 7-Eleven) so that you can support Venezuela and Hugo Chavez.

Terence Samuel says the filibuster deal will not last long

You heard about the death of former NFL player Pat Tillman while serving our country, and it seems our milltary covered up the way he died. Far Lefty Robert Scheer is ready, willing, and able to talk about this.

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Monday, May 30, 2005

Memorial Day Readings from The Blog According to Don

Hope your enjoying your day. Their are some readings to check out.

Is the Milltary off base regarding women in combat. Anti-Feminist Phyllis Schlafly thinks so. As for myself the Milltary should not be about equal employment. It should be about who can break and kill people, and most women are not their yet. Schlafly also says other nations tried to put women and combat and results came out bad every time.

Star Parker says the fight over judges is in regards to Roe vs. Wade. In princpal (regarding federalism) this 1973 court decision should be overturned, but I don't want to see it happen. A majorty of states would attempt to restrict a woman's right to choose. Yes I do agree with Neal Boortz that men are losing control of their female counterparts and forcing a woman to have a child is their only attempt to control them. I have said enough now about this so read her piece or move on the next reading that I have linked.

Speaking of Boortz here is a Commencement Address that many college graduates SHOULD HERE. MUST READ!!!

John Leo on picking the next Justice

Jeff Jacoby pays tribute to a fallen Marine

The Senate is still Brutish or so says Robert Novak when it comes to Senate and John Bolton

Barbara Simpson reminds us that Liberty is not due to LUCK

Craig R. Smith talks about commemorating our heroes

Joseph Farah reminds us what the real meaning of Memorial Day is

Vox Day warns that Hillary may become the first Female Prez (Cue "The Imperal March" from Star Wars). If she declares herself Empress not even George Lucas will see she and Palpatine have in common. The Force is truly strong in Hillary. By the way Day's piece has no Star Wars references.

The Nations of the EU say No, but the EU hates No for an answer. Mark Steyn explains

The Token Lefty for our Memorial Day readings this year is Ellen Ratner. She says to celebrate the hollday by holding our government accountable.

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Never Forget about those who died upholding our Freedoms and Liberties

Happy Memorial Day

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Memorial Day Weekend Readings from The Blog According to Don

George Will talks about the EU and how some of its member nations want to hang on to their Sovereignty

More Roads is not a bad thing but a Good Thing, but you need to tell that to certain people in Portland, OR. This from Paul Jacob

Please support the fair/sales tax please Dick Armey, instead of a flat tax. Oh well I am linking his piece

Henry Lamb is another MUST READ piece as he talks about the 14 senators who kept that fillbuster alive.

Fonda-Hayden reunion???

Johnny McCain and Ted Kennedy want to grant an amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. Rich Lowry explains

If not the RIAA then its the MPAA. Kyle Williams shows us how like the RIAA the MPAA does not adapt to the changes in our digtial world.

An MSNBC hack's attack on Les Kinsolving

Token Leftys

David Morris not happy about what happened in the Senate. The leftys want to keep in the courts in their favor

Fred Brown says the Denver 3 who want to act like children in front of Bush are now going to tour.

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