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Excommunicated for being a Democrat

Before I get into the details I just want to say that I am no fan of the Democratic Party and what they stand for. As someone that believes in freedom of the individual, and limited government based on what our founders intended I see the vision of the Dems contrary to this.

With that said, if your were a Democrat that was a member of East Waynesville Baptist Church, it is a whole new world for ya. Its senior pastor, Rev. Chan Chandler has kicked anyone assocated with the Democratic Party. Nine members of EWBC have been barred from the church for their refusal to support President George W. Bush.

As one member said; "[Chandler] told us that if we didn't support George Bush we needed to resign our position and get out, or go to the altar and repent, and support George Bush."

Other member said; "He says if we supported John Kerry, we have supported abortion and homosexuality."

Granted the Dems are not very loyal to conservative religionists on many issues including "Social Issues." I should state right now that I am not a social issues conservative, and many of issues in this category I find myself in disagreement with "people of faith." I do support Bush when he supports my issues (I voted for him twice), and their are things that Bush does that I don't like. I might also be one of those people that is likely to clash with Chandler. I support a woman's right to choose and I am not really unconfortable with homosexuals.

This is really going to help the cause of the 'Vampire' Freethinker types who can't stand any public displays of religion as they do in the name of "Separation of Church and State" and "Freedom from Religion." This issue regarding EWBC is a two edge sword, or since we are in Star Wars mood I could say a two bladed Lightsaber (Think Darth Maul from Episode I - The Phantom Menace).

On one side you have something called "freedom of assocation." This church can and should be able to deny membership to whoever does not agree with them on certain rules and doctrine...even in public policy. On the flip side the lawyers might be able to stick to this anti-Democrat pastor for kicking out members who are supporters of the Democratic Party. Funny how the Southren Baptist Convention never did anything regarding William Jefferson Clinton, but that's other post.

If it were not for Lyndon B. Johnson, this story would mean nothing. LBJ as a Senator created a law which was passed by our government that forced pastors and other spritual leaders to not talk about a politician’s character or voting record. However if the Church or other place of worship resended their tax exemption and began to pay property taxes then they could go after anyone they like.

Christian activist and Pastor D. James Kennedy has launched a crusade to repeal LBJ's dreaded law so that a church can have their cake and eat it too. Keep the tax exemption and be able to call Mr. Smith and/or Miss Smith in DC a Pagan scum bag that hates the Man/Woman type of family, or is a child killer (think anti-abortion), or whatever.

Events like the one at East Waynesville Baptist Church should show us all why our founders did not want a "State Church." Who knows what someone like Chandler could do if he had some power within our government. People like that would pass unnesscary laws (Blue Laws that would force private business to be closed on certain days, keeping brain dead people alive, and forcing a Church Tax on the people to name a few) and feel that their dominance over a people via public policy would be seen as an Evangelism tool. Keep in mind that Kennedy is famous for the catch phrase "Reclaiming America for Christ." Part of that agenda to reclaim our country for Jesus includes inacting public policy they feel that will help their cause.

Let me tell you one thing Kennedy and others that are like minded(should you come across this) . I can't speak for Jesus on many things, but one thing I can tell is that Jesus does not want anything to do with the American government.

Let me take one step up for ya. He did not want anything to do with ANY governments on Earth. If he did then he would have not been betrayed, arrested, and eventually put to death on a cross. The Jews wanted a 'Earthly Savior' and Jesus did not come though for them.

Just one question: What if a liberal church kicked out people for supporting Republicans??? Nahh it will never happen, and if it does you shall never know. That should show you that the mainline media is still an unofficial arm of the Democrat National Committee.

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Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

The leftys in Denver are milking the Denver/ Bush visit flap as much as they can. Mike Rosen says to get over it, plus he makes a correction regarding his piece from last week.,1299,DRMN_86_3755642,00.html

David Limbaugh has a MUST READ for all of you in higher learning. Even if your not you too should read it.

Those who tried to "save" Terri from death talked about impeaching the judges. Rusty Humphries says the leftys would do the same thing if Roe Vs. Wade ever got overturned.

Oliver North talks about what is going on in Iraq and the lawsuit that many of the elite colleges are involved it and they want to take out our millary regarding recuritment at our places of higher learning.

Filibusters are not sacrosanct, but they're useful. This from Jacob Sullum

Eron bad, Kofi and the UN good. Cliff May talks about how the the later two will get a pass and be forgiven.

Devvy Kidd calls for our government to restore veterans' health care

Joseph Farah like Michelle Malkin does not like the term South Park Conservatives

Tonights Token Leftys present us with the roots of Mothers Day and it will shock you. One word "Pacifism"

Ellen Goodman

Geov Parrish

Women of the world especially all you mothers, War is sometimes a necessary evil. The victors may do bad things if they win, but on the flip side it can prevent a group of people from being enslaved by tyrants.

Bonus Lefty Piece: Willam Edelen presents us with a person on how female higher powers believe in peace, coopt, and Goodwill over Peace though Strength based on Male higher powers.

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Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

David Keen of the American Conserative Union says the Conseratives might stand by Tom DeLay or take a big fall afterwards

Ann Coulter adds her two cents regarding Tom DeLay in her piece; "The devil is out of details."

Cigarette smokers' revenge by Larry Elder

Investigating the IRS by Robert Novak

Black rednecks and white liberals. Thomas Sowell shows how the later is using the formor. Be sure to check out Sowell's new book regarding these two groups.

The Dems hypocrisy on Bolton has been exposed or so says Joel Mowbray

A national report underscores National Urban League's irrelevance. Star Parker once again shows the black community there are way to a better life other than government dependence

Bush must put Putin in his place regarding communism says Cal Thomas

George Will has a great piece that puts both the Christian Right and the Freethinker Left in their respected places. Let us focus on what the founders really wanted. Self-Government, Liberty, and support of the individual for crying outloud.

Emmett Tyrrell talks about "The Coalition of the Evil." Yep that is what Tyrrell calls it.

Ted Kennedy can have a private account but not the working stiff. Lawrence J. McQuillan says that Kennedy's relies on those who are depended on Goverment. Note: Kennedy and rest of our congress pay into Social Securty right now (they have been since 1983) but I heard that might change soon.

Coffee: Is expensive better? John Stossel looks into it.

Token Lefty Pieces

The People's Republic of Vermont strikes again! Jon Margolis presents a must read.

B is for Bully and that is good enough for Ellen Goodman to oposse John Bolton

Bush's Social Security cuts for wealthy a pittance compared with benefits they get from his tax cuts or so says EJ Dionne Jr.

Cynthia Tucker gives us several reason why black righty Janice Rogers Brown should NOT be on the federal bench. Rolling back their socialist utopia is the top reason but I shall let Tucker have her say...just click the link below

Jon Conason worries about the rightys taking over their beloved PBS

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'Idol' Scores for Two Networks Wednesday reports that ABC and FOX gots some numbers over American Idol. FOX for the show and ABC for the 'dirty laundry' regarding Idol...if their is any.

Click here for the overnight results story

The Idol Flap: He Said, She Said

Media Professor, Sports Announcer, and even Game Show host Steve Beverly presents his insights on ABC digging the dirt on American Idol.

Fifty years ago, Edward R. Murrow succeeded in starting the spiral which brought down the bully tactics of Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy, whose actions threatened free expression and exercised innuendo as a measure to create images of guilt. Murrow used a novel technique: he allowed McCarthy to hang himself with a cornucopia of film of the redbaiter's own words and pictures.

A shade more than 30 years ago, the reporting of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein brought down the house of Richard Nixon through the use of multiple sources to check, re-check and verify sensitive information.

Wednesday night, ABC News Primetime Live was neither a celebrated piece of halcyon journalism, nor did American Idol and Paula Abdul come away unscathed. Any viewer who has followed the history of disqualified Idol contestant Corey Clark is aware he is hardly a statuette for credibility. Clark was axed from the show in a previous season after failing to disclose to producers a criminal past. Likewise, the Clark issue at the time yet again pointed out the embarrassing rate of game opera and talent contest competitors who have slid past background checks better than a bald tire on a rainy street.

From a journalism standpoint, John Quinones' report was revealing in how much the media has changed in the last half-century. When Herb Stempel went to reporters about the fixing of Twenty One in the mid-1950s, he had to wait two years for his story to be published. The reason: Herb was all alone making the charges. No corroborating evidence could be established. The legal mechanisms at major media agencies required more than one voice of whistleblowing.

For all intents and purposes, ABC's report was a one-source story. A story which possessed more than one smack of a young man looking for publicity. The young man has it now and probably a guarantee of big sales for his forthcoming biographical song about his alleged relationship with Abdul.

To buttress the story: Corey Clark's parents---interested parties, to be sure, but who can only react, not confirm, except to say Corey and Abdul had exchanged an abundance of phone calls. Then, you had seven former Idol hopefuls, including a popular George Trice. They could express shock, disappointment, anger, or confirmation of suspicions, as they did. None of them could provide eyewitness testimony.

In other words, we had one person who alleges a dalliance with and prejudicial help was provided by Paula Abdul: Corey Clark. Based on the story itself, the evidence alone as provided by Clark is hardly enough to convict Abdul in a court of law. However, he has succeeded in creating a shroud which merits a full, complete and unvarnished investigation by the Fox Network, 19 Entertainment and FremantleMedia. To do no less reduces all of the parties involved to the level of NBC after Stempel's allegations when network executives took a "you guys aren't cheating over there, are you?" approach to Dan Enright and Jack Barry.

We have seen multiple pre-emptive strikes by Fox, Abdul's attorney and even Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell since ABC announced it would present its "Fallen Idol" hour. That's nothing new. Enright accused Stempel of mental instability, a charge which still is a sore spot with Herb today. Nixon and his staff hurled endless salvoes, to the extent of threatened legal machinations to execute government control of network media. Bill Clinton employed it before the Gennifer Flowers allegations. More recently, CBS and Dan Rather went to the pre-emptive to diffuse charges about his 60 Minutes story which ultimately forced Rather's early "retirement."

Stempel, who in a 2000 interview with us reiterated nothing was noble about his whistleblowing other than to retaliate against promises he alleges Enright broke about future TV career possibilities. He also told us, "The network and its attorneys did everything within their power to uncover every possible speck of dirt they could find in an attempt to discredit me. It was terrible."

The difference here: Clark has a legally-checkered past and his answer to Quinones' question of whether the smoke the singer is creating is a publicity stunt was less than credible.

Nonetheless, the allegations are serious. Note that in public statements attempting to diffuse ABC's report, Fox executives stated they are investigating the charges. They must. If even a smidgen of Clark's charges are true, the show's integrity---which is tenuous, at best, with a voting procedure allowing unlimited telephone or text balloting for contestants---is at stake. So, to be sure, is the integrity of every knockoff version of Idol because of the scrutiny of the king of talent contests.

In one respect, the label of "judge" is inaccurate for Abdul, Cowell and Randy Jackson. While they do select the top 32 who advance to Hollywood, once that final 12 is chosen, Abdul and friends are celebrity evaluators. They offer critiques, not up-or-down votes on the finishes, even though their comments potentially influence viewer choices.

However, all three have a responsibility to remain independent of the contestants other than the requirements of the live telecast. We have always felt Cowell should not have a potential financial interest in any of the contestants' futures, regardless of his track record as a music executive. Yet, if any of Clark's contentions are true: that Abdul gave him money, made suggestions about and paid for wardrobe and engaged in a personal relationship with him which compromised all objectivity, we have major problems here, regardless if Clark was ultimately disqualified for his behavioral past.

Any of those actions---and we continue to emphasize the words, if true---are the equivalents of offering performance-enhancing drugs to an athlete. Even the mere attempt to offer Clark---if such occurred---financial, coaching, or personal support should be grounds for Abdul's dismissal from the show. To do such destroys a level playing field between the contestants.

If Clark's claims are exaggerated or outright false, despite appearing on a network newsmagazine, then a thorough and detailed investigation will exonerate Abdul, swell her popularity and reduce Clark to professional rubble.

What we fear is Fox has such a financial interest in keeping Idol as its strong flagship show that any internal investigation may have equally dubious credibility.

The only way to truly clear the air for Idol and Abdul is for the network and production company to commission an independent investigation in the same fashion CBS did during the Dan Rather/60 Minutes case. True, Rather's long career as a network news anchor came to a hastened shameful end and the once-proud image of CBS News was left with a stain which OxiClean would struggle to remove. Yet, CBS did the right thing and made swift and appropriate changes.

If no wrongdoing is in the air, a quality independent investigation will confirm it, seal it and forever tarnish Clark as a fly-by-night golddigger.

If an independent panel concluded Abdul offered him preferential treatment, she should go. Idol may suffer some tarnish but the integrity of Fox as a network which will uphold honesty and fairness in its contest shows would be protected.

We even would venture a suggestion for a four-member investigative team who could do the job swiftly, efficiently and professionally, if given free rein to do so: Dr. Bob Thompson, director of the Center for Popular Television at Syracuse University; Dr. Steven Padgett, director of the Hall School of Journalism at Troy University; David W. Richardson, a former veteran television news director and current business executive in Jacksonville; and Ruth Kocielak, a veteran broadcaster from the Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Their credentials are impeccable.

We said last week and still believe Idol will suffer little short-term damage from the ABC report alone. That would have only happened if someone came forward with indisputable evidence of the voting outcomes of Idol as manipulated or outright fixed. Clark did not provide that. In the short run, ABC succeeded in likely achieving a stronger-than-usual Wednesday night rating as the May sweeps launch. Clark gained exposure he never would have achieved otherwise. Idol's current ratings will probably gain a slight bounce, even from the negative exposure.

Yet, Fox will not be able to sweep this one under the table by relying on the enthusiasm of the show's blind loyalists. The track record of national media suggests now that ABC has opened the door, a crowd will rush inside. Whether Clark's allegations are of substance or of the bogus type from an embittered former contestant, no shortage of reporters from every possible media source will begin pecking away at Clark's charges and other elements of the show.

Remember how Herb Stempel was on an island for two years in 1956? Not until Ed Hilgemeier and James Snodgrass and Stoney Jackson stepped forward to tell their stories did the floodgates open about quiz show rigging. The media moves much faster today. Clark's best hope for credibility is in other contestants who do not have as suspicious a past as does he to come forward with similar charges. If they don't, his accusations and his motives will not pass a litmus test and ABC will have drawn an audience to a Teflon story.

At the peak panic period after the quiz scandals of the 1950s erupted, one statesman stepped forward and may have saved television networks from a government straightjacket. Dr. Frank Stanton, then president of CBS, looked a Congressional panel in the eye and stated: "We will not only control what airs on the CBS Television Network but how it is presented." The idea Dr. Stanton was presenting in the wake of television's biggest black eye was of a network which would stand for no less than total honesty and integrity in its presentations. What is astounding is how refreshing that sounds today.

One way you will be able to determine if all of this has more than grunt-and-groan: if over the summer, Abdul announces she is "leaving" American Idol in order to "pursue other things," the time-honored ease out statement. If that were to happen, you would have at least a slight stench in the air.

ABC owes its viewers more than a one-source story for an hour during a sweep month to project credibility. On the other hand, Fox owes it to its viewers and to the broadcast industry as a whole to provide indisputable evidence American Idol is a clean show, to the extent that none of its celebrity stars are offering favors to its competitors. That will not be achieved by a quick whisk of the broom.

Personaly I think ABC is mad that their baby "Alias" gets beaten by the contestants ensemble perfomances followed by the elemation which are the features of the Wenesday night Idol show. Accually radio talk show host Jim Rome (famous for talking smack about sports and popular culture) has a great nickname for American Idol. Rome calls it "American Karaoke."

At least on so-called Country Music copy cat "Nashville Star" the contestants they have to play their own instruments and write their own songs. It shows that Star is not a Karaoke contest unlike Idol.

The outcome...FOX will dodge a bullet, but they better keep their nose clean.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

'Winners in Life's Lottery' or 'getting rich off the backs of the poor.' Time for another lesson about the free market from Walter Williams in which he debunks the above statements

You may have heard about a new book titled "South Park Conservatives." Yes it is connected to the show South Park. Michelle Malkin says she is not a SPC and does not like the show at all.

You have heard the term (and song and music video) "Video Killed the Radio Star." Well some think that the "Bloggers Killed the Newspaper Star." Jonah Goldberg says the newspaper were declining long before we heard of the internet.

Robert Pozen offers a win win regarding Social Securty reform

Terence Jeffrey talks about "Discretionary, mandatory and unconstitutional spending."

After reading this piece from Joseph Farah you may want to Yahoo! in the future rather than Google.

Brian Maloney says that Conservative talk radio is not ailing...Yet and offers some remendies to prevent it from happening

Is the IRS and John Kerry going after a war Vet. Edward Snook looks into this

Daniel Pipes says the White House is whitewashing when it come to Hamas. Bush should really take this piece into account. I doubt it will happen

Has Burt Prelutsky become a dictator??? Read for yourself

Whose Constitution Wins? I am going into "token lefty terrtory" with the level headed left of center Nat Hentoff,hentoff,63572,6.html

Other Token Leftys

Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (D-Ohio) has an open letter to Dems Leader Howard Dean

William Hoynes talks about the real challenges for PBS

William Edelen offers some words of wisdom from Jesus. If this was just about abortion I would not post this piece as one of the token leftys. I will not speak for Jesus Christ but I DO SUPPORT A WOMAN'S RIGHT TO CHOOSE!!! However when it comes to ANWR I am in totaly disagreement with Edelen. Let the drilling in Alaska began.

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Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Is Gov. Schwarzenegger's reform effort on the verge of defeat? John Fund asks that question.

Could the illegals be the third rail rather than Social Securty??? Thomas Sowell thinks so

Bill Murchison talks about the Dems being the "no" party. Not even Captial One can save us in this one.

The Dems being morally bankrupt what else is new??? David Limbaugh talks about it.

Jack Kemp says if the people are given choice regarding retirement accounts they go for it.

Cal Thomas urges our government to get tough on terror and get someone like the fictional Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) from the FOX drama 24 to write the playbook in fightiing terrorists. Question is will our goverment do it and/or find such a person with a Jack Bauer quailty.

Some say the the European Union is the new Roman Empire. Phyllis Schlafly does not need to compare it to Rome just to show you how its a technocratic nightmare.

I think I am going to present several token lefty pieces tonight.

Thom Hartman says that Jimmy Carter tried to stop Bush's energy disasters 35 years ago.

Joel Connelly says his hero (or one of them) John Kerry has his fighting spirit back.

Laura Flanders says that In Bush's World, Global Treadies are for Girly Men. Forget Peace through Strength, Its about Peace through cooperation, and Goodwill

Our Loss Was Our Gain in Vietnam or so says socialist/communist sympathizer Robert Scheer

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Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

When it comes to the war on terror Diana West says its a "delicate whitewash."

Eventually best thing for education would be for the government to get out of once and for all. In the meantime we have "public" schools that the Teachers Unions dislike. Their are called Charter Schools. Debra England asks what the fuss is all about.

ABC Picks Up Where CBS' Dan Rather Left Off. Liberal Bias that is

More than 300 mass graves and in one such grave their were around 113 bodies. Most of those bodies were women and children. Gunny Bob Newman puts several well known human rights groups on the "Hot Seat" for overlooking this... but likely this group overlooked Iraq's mass graves intentionally. They just loved Saddam didn't they.

Does the elite media fear the American People. Joseph Farah says YES!!!

Don't find the news informative??? Vox Day provides an alternative

The Middle East's "blackgold" stranglehold on America. Craig R. Smith advocates drilling ANWR and shows that ANWR is not the beauty that the Enviormentals claim to be

Joseph Epstein wishes he has John Bolton's reputation

Last week I linked a statement from Ted Kennedy as one of my "token lefty pieces" regarding 'Mardi Ghraib' which happen over a year ago. Doug Powers says Teddy is celebrating this, and I don't have to tell you why. He get into the abortion issue which kind of gums the piece since I support a woman's right to choose but hey take it for what is worth.

Michael P. Ackley looks at a messy thing called "Freedom of Speech."

Mark Steyn says Tony Blair will win another term as PM in the UK but not before he gets a few beatings

Tonights token lefty is Robert Reich. Says that Social Securty reform is a diversion

Bonus Lefty Piece: You have to give credit to Ellen Ratner for visiting Iraq

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Prime Time TV Score Card: USA Today's Save Our Shows Poll 2005

Well the results are in and the show that the number one show that viewers want to see go on is FOX's Arrested Development. It gets a 66% Keep vote. One comments made by a viewer says the ratings AD gets is understimating the audience and says that FOX should not make another mistake based on ratings data like they did with Family Guy.

Guy as you might know has been revived by FOX and is the first time a network canned a show and was brought back to life on the SAME network. DVD sales were really a big help. A revived show in the past went to another network. Last time such an event happen was JAG which started on NBC and got canned after one season. However CBS gave the show eight more seasons.

Two other shows that viewers want to see renewed are CBS's Joan of Arcadia and NBC's The Office.

Now what are the top three shows that those in survey wanted to see go to the graveyard of TV? Well its FOX's Quintuplets and Life on a Stick (the later of which got only a handful of showings). Rounding our the top three is CBS's Yes Dear.

Allthough Will & Grace has been offically renewed the Keepers won just a tad over the Droppers. The score is 35% to 31%

Story and complete results from USA Today

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Weekend Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

I shall start off with this weeks audio commentary by Bob Parks as he take on the Enviormental Enlightenment. Mp3 Software required

Gunny Bob Newman Publishes New Book

Another UN "reform" place??? Don't make me laugh. Cliff Kincad has more

How one little boy saved our beloved "Looney Tunes" from becoming "Loonatics." Now if someone can step up and save our beloved country from "Big Brother."

Burt Prelutsky shares his thoughts about higher learning in America...Good Read

Health care and the American automobile. George Will shows us the connection

The Disney/Pixar movie "The Incredibles" promotes stay at home moms/homemakers??? YES, but you would not know that if you didn't rent or buy the movie on DVD. Paul Gallagher is happy about it.

Mark Alexander's take on the Dems fillbuster and call it a "full-o-bluster."

The Next Time you hear about those who want to "weaken" the Endangered Species Act. Share this piece by Henry Lamb about two parties who were victims a goverment protected panther. WND does archive what they publish so you might want to bookmark this link or whatever.

Michael M. Rosen (no relation to KOA-AM's Mike Rosen) talks about GOP Jews

Dexter Lethinem has his say about Hanoi Jane Fonda

What to know what the Nanny State is up to across the board i.e. all 50 States??? Radley Balko points out several agendas...MUST READ!!!

Kyle Williams puts talk radio to task left and right, up and down...Bright Kid but I would have told that talk radio has to entertain as well as inform

Time for a Faceoff were I take two pieces from two different sides on a single subject and bring them to my little faceoff.

Topic This Time: Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Governor of Cally

Rick Newcombe talks about what he learned from Termnator and why he will be a success

George Neumayr says Arnold is governing Cally just like a Dem

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