Saturday, January 01, 2005

Token Lefty Pieces as promised

Andrew Limburg thinks OIL COMPANIES were at fault for what happened in Asia

Mike Whitney goes after the media on their double standarding regarding this

Matt Rosechild sides with the UN and condems the U.S. for being stingy

Morning News & Commentary

Here is what is going on in the first day of 2005.

Domino's Pizza worker grieves:'A whole generation wiped out'

Floods in Sri Lanka Prompt Evacuations

Bush Focuses on Disaster Relief Logistics

Aid Gives Tsunami Victims Ray of New Year Hope

Bush Orders Flag Tribute to Tsunami Victims

Tsunami Aid Lands for Survivors and Unborn Babies

Day of mourning in Sweden, Finland and Norway as thousands feared dead

Pope remembers tsunami victims as grieving world enters new year

Deadly diseases threaten survivors in tsunami-hit Asia: WHO

Japan pledges 500 million dollars for tsunami victims

Charity cricket matches announced for Asian tsunami victims

US to deploy 1,500 marines for Sri Lanka tsunami relief

U.S. East Coast to get tsunami monitors?

Drowning victims now being looted

Irked Kofi Grilled on Vacation

Club Owner's Partners Sought in Fire Probe

al-Qaida Video Shows Police Execution

Afghans Arrest Suspect in Deadly Bombing

Dem. Says Iraq Troops Need More Support

Zarqawi Group Says It Killed Five Iraqi National Guard

Darfur Casts Shadow Over Sudan Peace Pact in South

Bush Faces Challenges with New Republican Congress

Gunmen to Support Abbas Presidency Bid

Abbas Gets Hero's Welcome in Gaza Tinderbox Rafah

China enacts raft of laws aimed at WTO commitments and foreign trade

Yanukovych to Pursue Ukraine Presidency

U.S. Top Judge Concerned About Criticism of Judges

U.S. Military Hospitals Flooded With Gifts

Countries Mark 2005 With Vigils, Prayers

White Roses, Candles Bring in Solemn New Year

Calif. Law Gives Benefits to Gay Couples


George Putnam tells us a real life tale about a woman named Kateryna. This woman would become the wife of Viktor Yushchenko...MUST READ!!!! This woman is great fighter for FREEDOM!!!

Surrender does not equal peace....MUST READ from David Horowitz

Henry Lamb lists some reforms that Bush and our Government should deal with this year.

Eric Englund goes after a scientist who blames us humans for the tsunami deaths

Is Federal Disaster relief unconstitutional??? Michael Peroutka says yes.

Catherine Seipp points out journalists' bias, arrogance

Never mind Soccer Moms, here come the NASCAR Nannies. Doug Bandow explains

Token Lefty Piece

I somewhat agree with THIS piece. Errol Louis takes on Creationists for their so-called Science. Do I believe Evolution is fact??? Not really but I do lean towards it.

Later tonight I will have several "Token Lefty Pieces" regarding Asia's tsunami.

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Friday, December 31, 2004

Evening News & Commentary

Aid Arrives in Asia As Deaths Near 150,000

Rising Asian Tsunami Toll Dims World's New Year

Bush Raises Tsunami Aid Tenfold to $350 Million

No U.S.-UN Rivalry in Tsunami Aid Response - Powell

Drowning victims now being looted

Fake charities cash in on tsunami pleas

Thousands of Americans missing

New Year's parties canceled across Asia

Suicide Car Bomber Kills Seven in Iraq's North

Exits Locked in Argentina Nightclub Fire

U.S. Memo Broadens Definition of Torture

Sudan, Rebels Sign Permanent Cease-Fire

Yanukovych Resigns, Vows to Keep Fighting

Pentagon Misses Goal for Missile Defense System

Top Homeland Contractors Had Gov't Run-Ins

Lasers at planes not thought to be toys

Language Purists Sack 'You're Fired!'

NBC'er: Bush Cabinet 'Not the Brightest'

Poll: Gov. Gregoire Illegitimate

After solid 2004 stock gains, analysts cautiously optimistic on 2005


David Holcberg says the U.S. should NOT help Tsunami Victims...our GOVERNMENT THAT IS!!! You know our TAXES!!!! Help the victims via FREE WILL giving

Nicholas Stix goes over several letters in respond to his pieces on hip-hop artist KRS-One. Their are links to those pieces in THIS PIECE!!!

Walter Jones vs. LBJ: This from John Plecnik

Nathan Tabor shows us that DOCTORS kill more people than GUNS!!!!

Token Lefty Piece

When it comes to WMD's and War, America is not STINGY!!!! This from Heather Wokusch

Holiday Lyric Line (YEP!!! its New Year's Eve...I said I would highlight this song at the right time)

And here's a hand, my trusty friend
And gie's a hand o' thine
We'll tak' a cup o' kindness yet
For auld lang syne

Reach your hand, find a friend and see if you can make more in 2005

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! From "The Blog according to Don" :) Also tell your friends about me and foward or write or whatever this site to them.

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ABC News did a feature on us Bloggers

I may be new at this game and I am learning as I go, but man we Bloggers did really gain ground this year, so much that ABC News did a story on US!!! We are among their "People of the Year."

Internet Phenomenon Provides Unique Insight Into People's Thoughts

Morning News & Commentary

Tsunami Death Toll Surpasses 120,000

More than 4,500 confirmed dead in Thailand, half of them foreigners

Marine life could take centuries to recover from killer waves

U.S. Expands Tsunami Disaster Response

Corporations Donate Millions for Quake Aid

Sri Lanka and Maldives seen bearing economic brunt of tsunami tragedy

World Tempers New Year Celebrations After Tsunami

Pacific coast's tsunami threat

Argentina Club Fire Kills at Least 174

U.S. Troops Round Up 49 in Iraq

Iraqi National Guardsman Killed Near Falluja

Iraq attacks claim more lives; plans unveiled to protect voters

Israel Missile Strike Kills Palestinians

Virginia resident runs for PA president

Abbas gets support from leading terrorist

Vatican slams Israel with false allegations

Indonesian military continues attacks on Aceh rebels despite ceasefire

U.S. Releases New Memo Defining Torture

FBI Probes Lasers Aimed at Plane Cockpits

Ukraine Court Rejects PM's Election Complaints

Sudanese, South African presidents to witness signing of Sudan peace deal

Ugandan government, rebels in last bid to agree on ceasefire text

Single government ID moves closer to reality???

Homeschooled chess champ illegally truant?

E-mailers given choice of federal judges

Democratic Gov.-elect Christine Gregoire Focuses on Gubernatorial Duties

Obesity Rising Among U.S. Preschoolers

Legendary US jazz bandleader Artie Shaw dead at 94

Daily Show's Jon Stewart Beats Out Clinton when it comes to Bestselling Books

"Frontpage's Man of the Year": Veteran John O'Neill


Thomas Sowell shoots down the ideal of "right" to marry. Gays and Lesbians I don't have any issues with you people but I think you need get beyond this "right" to marry. Also Sowell has some insights regarding Cally law (your local laws may differ), so I am making this a MUST READ!!!

Don't like it when Government Schools keep Christians out but allow other religous beliefs and the homosexual dogma in??? David Limbaugh talks about "Selective Separation."

Bruce Bartlett has something to say about us being "Stingy."

Debra Saunders also something to say regarding the Stingy remarks

Mona Charen has random thoughts on the Tsunami natural disasters this week.

Devvy Kidd says the Social Securty can't be saved and even shows that those who were aganist such a system back in the days saw it as a backdoor for creeping socialism. Even the Communist Party saw this as to reaching their goals. MUST READ!!!!

Kevin McCullough exposes the left's compassion on the Tsunami disasters in this piece

Token Lefty Pieces

Bill Press says that Jesus would vote for Stem Cell research

Jeff Milchen reminds that leftys that they can do more than just buy BLUE (meaning states that went with the Dem for President)

The Star-Tribune in the Twin Cites says we are ARE Stingy

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Commentary pieces that MUST NOT BE OVERLOOKED!!!!

I posted the evening news late but their was some great pieces that need to be seen and read so here they are in a seperate post and very early in the so YOU THINK!!!

Craige McMillian talks about the recount in Washington state and how the Dems love hand recounts. It helps them CHEAT!!!

Joseph Farah tell you the REAL reason why Christians are leaving the middle east

Hal Lindsey gets into his Bible regarding the Asian tsunami but slams (and rightfuly) Jan Egeland for his "stingy" remarks.

William Rusher says the Right does have the upper hand in the media...REALLY!!!

Cliff May has some thoughts about what is going in the middle east.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach has a piece regarding Clinton and Rwanda. When "Hotel Rwanda" shows in your town GO SEE THE MOVIE!!! In spite of not mechioning Clinton or the UN see the conquences of what happens when those people sit with their fingers up their... well I try to be classy here on the blog but you get the ideal.

Jeff Jacoby presents with lefty hate speech in 2004

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Evening News & Commentary

Sorry I am late but I was busy and I use phone line and other people need to use the phone.

Tsunami Death Toll Soars Past 117,000

Bush to Send Powell, Delegation to Asia

Massive Public Response to Tsunami Aid Appeals

Disease Next as Tsunami Toll Rises, Experts Say

US Congress Working on Tsunami Aid Package

World Bank Offers $250 Million in Tsunami Aid -UN

Nations pledge $500 million so far

Fire in Buenos Aires Club Kills Nine, 200 Injured

FBI Probes Lasers Beamed at Plane Cockpits

Violence Against Iraq Troops Takes Toll

Saudi Says Kills 10 Militants in 2 Days of Raids

Justice Issues Rewritten Memo on Torture

Snow, Winds Beset Storm-Weary California

Democrat Declared Washington State Governor-Elect

Ukraine officials reject Yanukovych appeal

Jazz Giant Artie Shaw Dies at Age 94

Possible Canada Mad Cow Fuels Tension

Poll: Hillary Clinton most admired woman

Commentary Pieces Up later, they might be in seperate post, they are some good pieces to read.

The Death Toll keeps going up

Tsunami death toll rockets to 114,000

Other News

25 insurgents killed after attack in Mosul

FBI probes laser beam directed at cockpit

Morning News & Commentary

New Tsunamis Possible; Residents Flee. Death toll above 80,000 and near 100,000

Millions Hunt Food as Tsunami Toll Passes 91,000. This take is from Reuters

Governments and individuals dig into pockets for tsunami victims

Why Thais avoided tsunami warning

U.S. Soldiers Kill 25 Insurgents in Iraq

ObL gets an OK on the BOMB!!!! However....

Sharon, Peres Reach Deal on New Israeli Government

Car Bombs Detonated Near Saudi Security Buildings

Bushies: Clinton Showboating on Disaster

Official Seeks Larger West Bank Pullout

U.S. knew of Israel's drone-repair deal says a source

Gun control doesn't reduce crime, violence, say studies

Ramsey Clark to defend Saddam

Dino Rossi Strikes Back.

West Coast Storms Leave 7 Dead, 2 Missing

Yanukovych Shows No Sign of Conceding

Pentagon to Retire Carrier, Buy Fewer Ships says Report

D.C. Lobbyists Spent $2 Billion This Year

One in Five kids drink and drive

Taiwan court rejects opposition bid to nullify presidential polls

France urges Paris Club moratorium on debt owed by tsunami-hit countries
German unemployed tighten their belts as reforms loom

Gallup: Bush, Hillary Most Admired

Feature Story

Mystery of Reagan's lost 'doomsday codes' solved


Suzanne Fields looks back at the year 1776 and how Lynn Cheney's book is way to show present that to our children

Four elections will determine if "Freedom" is the winner. This from Cal Thomas

New year but its the same AQ. Armstrong Williams warns all of us in this piece

Ben Shapiro reminds us why the war in Iraq is connected to the overall war on terror

Larry Elder says the Bush legacy will take a healing period

Thomas Sowell has a piece that should be read by everyone. I think we should all read his pieces, but this one is about Property RIGHTS!!!

Another piece from Sowell "Free Lunch Part 2"

Emmett Tyrell has his say on the drug "Hysteria"

George Will gives us a "Welfare Reality" check

Robert Novak asks the question; What transition costs? This is in regards to Social Securty reform.

Ann Coulter's final piece of 2004

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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Evening News & Commentary

Tsunami death toll soars to near 77,000

Nations pledge $250M in tsunami, quake aid

U.S. Launches Offensive After Iraq Ambush

Dozens dead as Iraq rebels clash with US forces, bomb house explodes

Bush Promises Long-Term Help for Asia

Expert Sees More Aftershocks But No Killer Quake

Militants clash with police in Saudi Arabia

Car Bombs Explode Near Saudi Security Buildings

Campaigning Abbas Says No Peace with Israel Barrier

Pentagon Plans Deep Cuts in Costly F/A-22 Fighter

Ukraine PM Makes Last-Ditch Bid to Keep Power

Powerful Storm Soaks California, Arizona

Scientists: Asteroid won't hit Earth in 2029

Supreme Court ruling gives Democrat seat in Montana state house

Hunter pleads innocent in Wisconsin slayings. This has taken a back seat with our press.


The New York Post has their say regarding what UN idiot Jan Egeland said about the U.S. being well not giving enough money away. NYP puts Egeland and his elk in their place.

Ralph Peters says that ObL is against free elections in Iraq. I wonder why??? Could it be that ObL would lose his control???

Howard Nemerov says that the city of San Francisco is putting their heads in the sand when it comes to gun control MUST READ!!!

Jim Kouri also talks about San Francisco and the proposed gun ban in the city.

Wendy McElroy says that the Pregnancy Murder needs to be study and not Sensationalized

Fred Reed is down with education...sort off.

Lydia Lovric says that Feminists want revenge and NOT equality. Plus they want their good ole women's club that don't allow men but the men can't have their clubs. This is from the great white north but still a MUST READ!!! It is happen here in the Red, White, and Blue too you know.

Token Lefty Pieces

I shall give the honor this time around to Susan Sontag who just recently passed away. "The truth of fiction evokes our common humanity" is the name of this piece.

Joseph L. Galloway says that the "Neo-Cons" must take blame for the Iraq miscalculations in spite of them backing away from Rummy.

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Yet another Tsunami Update

Aid arrives as tsunami deaths near 77,000

U.N.: Millions at risk from waterborne disease

Blogers are offer eyewitness accounts of disaster. Hope I can do that myself

Even MORE Breaking News regarding Tsunami

Aid arrives as tsunami death toll hits 76,700

Bush criticizes U.N. comment on 'stingy' aid

Companies search for staff lost in disaster

Breaking News...Regarding Tsunami

Tsunami death toll climbs to 76,700

Bush vows more aid for victims of tsunami

Buddhist monks, planes deliver disaster aid

Morning News & Commentary

Quake, Tsunami Death Toll Over 63,000

Asia killer tops 26,000 death toll of Bam shaker also on Dec. 26

Quake, roaring sea, ... now pestilences

Deadly Tsunamis Rival Waves of the Past

U.S. Boosts Quake Relief to $35 Million

Almost 4,100 listed as missing in Thailand

Expats count cost as dream homes are washed away by tsunamis

Disaster mystery: No dead animals

University experts just 28 minutes off time of event

Media link tsunami to 'global warming'

Mahmoud Abbas Pledges to Follow Arafat Policies

Army surgeon: U.S. knew Mosul attack suicide

Muslims kill imam who prayed for peace

Yushchenko Backers Block Building

New York & Cally lost $100 Million to the Dems


Brent Bozell shows the hypocrisy of journalist Bill Moyers, and his support of left wing causes

Jonah Goldberg puts the UN in their place even in a time of crisis

Joseph Farah says the UN is unqualified when it comes to humantarian aid, and we are forgeting the UN past sins. MUST READ!!!!

Melanie Morgan on new scheme to soak taxpayers and the UN is in play here

Claudia Rosett says the UN resembles the dictatorships that pack its ranks

Walter Williams talks about the attack on "Western Values."

Linda Chavez reminds us that "Islamofascism is the personification of evil," and that it can't be reasoned with. MUST READ!!! At the same time America does not let the ObL and Zarqawis define Muslims as a whole.

Tony Blankely says that America was passed the gut check test

Remember when Arafat had the Olso accords??? Joel Mowbrary warns it may happen again.

Terence Jeffrey talks about the Democratic Party and Federal Judges

Michelle Malkin has her year end piece

Burt Prelutsky reviews the movie "Sideways"

Hugh Hewitt shows why the old media can not be trusted

Daniel Pipes says "In time of war, governments should engage in 'threat profiling"

Pat Buchanan warns of a possible NEW cold war with Russia

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Arts & Entertainment and the impact on America

I am not a regular visitor to the Democratic Underground website (, but a caller to REgressive talk show host Stephanie Miller brought up a commentary piece by Ted McCelland explaining how the liberals will eventually win the hearts and minds of Americans.

That way is through the Arts and Entertainment that many Americans consume each day. McClelland says their fight may take decades to accomplish but liberalism will triumph. He says that many of the “right wing’s fiercest culture warriors are middle aged men" that are re-fighting the battles of their youth.” On that list includes George W. Bush, Pat Buchanan, Tom DeLay, Gary Bauer and Alan Keyes.

McClelland says they are trying to “unring every bell that sounded in the 1960’s. I will not waste my time by giving a list of what happened in the 1960’s, but I think you can figure it out. He reminds us that the culture than the “culture warriors” loathe are still in their face and are not going back to the days of Donna Reed.

He also reminds us of how liberal Hollywood is and how many of the “players” their backed John Kerry for the highest office of the land, and how “Great Comedy” mocked the status quo. He also had to mention that on the week of the election a lot of people watched the hit Soap Opera/Comedy “Desperate Housewives” and then went to vote Republican on Tuesday.

Overall McClelland says that entertainment is the most power weapon that the liberals have in the culture wars. It’s done when an American turns on the radio (other than right-wing talk radio I would take it), watches TV (liberals have great control on that), or buys a movie ticket (they have to throw an adult word here and there or every 5th or 10th word depending on the movie).

This piece was published on December 1, 2004. However McClelland’s piece would have made a stronger statement if he held off this piece until after the Christmas weekend of this year. His statement would only be strengthened with the box office success of the adult comedy “Meet the Fockers” which stars two outspoken liberals Dustin Hoffman and Barbara Streisand. Streisand by the way plays an aging sex-crazed therapist.

In a piece in yesterday's USA Today, the name Focker is based on a profane word. Just cut out the letter O and replace it with a U. I will not spell the word out for you. The article quotes Nell Minow who is the editor of who warns that Fockers has a lot of R-level humor in the movie. Most of that is the graphic sex talk in spite of a PG-13 rating. Another good week and the Fockers should be in the black. Hollywood wins again with a movie that is “adult” in nature.

I should say at this point that I am not a “social conservative.” I would not personally go see “Meet the Fockers,” just because of Streisand, and she is know for her outspoken views on political issues. Granted a Toby Maguire or a Kirsten Dunst (Damm she is so good looking) are both known to be politically liberal along with many performers in the entertainment business, but Streisand wins hands down for being the most annoying person in the business.

Sadly the Entertainment business tend to support the personalities and ideals of the Democratic Party, which as of late support the ideals of higher taxes, expanding government that is bloated allready, and attacking the concept of the individual in favor of lumping people into some kind of group (Poor, Black, Hispanic, GLBT etc.). I called KOA-AM’s Mike Rosen to task for the Republicans not supporting the Gays in favor of the religious people. Rosen told me and his audience that without those “religious people” John Kerry would soon be taking office.

It is funny, on one hand these people go to church or synagogue, but hours later they turn on to a TV show like “Desperate Housewives,” or pay $7.00 dollars to see “Meet the Fockers.” Knowing and seeing this I still think that the Republican Party need to ditch the James Dobson’s, the Jerry Falwell’s, and the like and realize that most Americans are libertarian in nature.

The fight for social conservativism/family values is a lost battle. If you think you will be able to “Reclaim America for Jesus Christ” you have another thing coming. The best thing for the Republican Party to do is to embrace the values when it comes to our government. Less government, lower taxes, and life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…oh and let’s not forget supporting the individual person rather than some group that the Democrats like to put people in. If we do that, then this is one battle in which the left can be defeated.

Oh and if your a prude and look at such movies and programs that I talked about, you are just as two faced as John Kerry. The man you did not want to see beat Bush. You really need to take a look at the person in the mirror sometime.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Evening News & Commentary

Death count up to 59,000

Tidal wave derails Sri Lanka train, kills 800

U.S. Adds $20 Million to Earthquake Relief

World's biggest aid operation for devastated Asian countries

25 Die in String of Iraq Insurgent Attacks

Analysts See Shift in Bin Laden's Rhetoric

Arab astrologer predicts Bush assassination

Paul Volcker says that the U.N. Watched as Saddam Smuggled

Yushchenko Calls for Blockade in Ukraine

UN Official Backs Down: Rich Nations Not 'Stingy'

Author-Activist Susan Sontag Dies at 71

Ohio Recount Ends, Shows Vote Closer


John Podhoretz talks about the divide between Americans that oppose the war and the troops that do support the war.

Bob Parks has a piece of random thoughts before we roll into 2005

A.M. Siriano shows How to Kill Kwanzaa. If this was a REAL Holiday for Blacks I would support it, but the Black Community is getting duped on this on. Did I mechion that this holiday has it roots in Marxism??? MUST READ!!!

Barbara J. Stock talks about the holidays we observe year around and how they can offend people. Funny Read.

Neal Boortz reminds us that America has been VERY HELPFUL when it comes to global relief.

Token Lefty Commentary Piece

John Nichols says that we must count EVERY VOTE and talks about Christine Gregoire's fight to win the governship of Washington State.

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Morning News & Commentary

Tidal Waves Death Toll Rises to 40,000

Asian Economies Expected to Pull Through

Eleven Americans Confirmed Dead in Asia says Powell

Indonesia's quake death toll could top 25,000 as disease threatens

Iraqi Rebels Kill 24 in Multiple Attacks

Bin Laden, Al-Zarqawi Benefit in Alliance

Web: Bin Laden Says Fighting in Iraq Muslims' Duty

Israeli Missile Hits Car, Militants Escape

Arab condemns Mideast silence on Sudan

Pentagon says Rummy mispoke, that the remarked plane was 'shot down' on 9-11, but Pentagon reaffirms struggle scenario

Ukraine Premier Urged to Accept Defeat

Fannie Mae to Pay Ousted CEO $1.3 Million

Latest Japanese data paints mixed picture for economy

Could Mississippi be a state without any Abortion clinics???

Murder booking for death of 18-week-old fetus

Dick Morris: How Hillary Becomes President

Howard Stern Causes Swarm to Sirius


Must the Dems accepts certain restrictions on abortion in hopes to gain power??? Cal Thomas looks at this. Interesting Read. For the record I support abortion rights at certatin stages.

Bruce Bartlett tips his hat to the bloggers

The Republicans want to change the rules in the Senate so that the Dems can't fillibuster. It is called "The Nuclear Option." David Limbaugh says that their is nothing Nuclear about it.

Dennis Prager has his own grown-up Christmas list for the new year.

Free Lunch 'Safety': Thomas Sowell talks about prescription drugs. That includes Vioxx and Celebrex

Awhile back I highlighted a piece from Bill Press regarding Jerry Fallwell and our founders. Les Kinsolving comes to Fallwell's defense.

Joseph Farah reviews Bob Dylan's new book "Chronicles, Volume 1." Funny thing that Dylan was not the activist as some might think he was.

Token Lefty Pieces

Same Sex Marriage: Jonathan Rauch says it time for a cool down

Meanwhile Deb Price talks about new efforts to promote same-sex marriage

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Monday, December 27, 2004

Computer Worm ON THE LOOSE!!!!

New version of Santy worm spreading READ THIS AND GET YOUR ANTI-VIRUS PROGRAMS UPDATED!!!

Evening News & Commentary

Death toll from tidal waves surpasses 22,000

Red Cross says a million displaced by Asian waves

Generation of Asian children lost in disaster

Human activities added to tsunami's wrath

Asia Considers Disaster-Warning System

U.S. to Pledge $15 Million for Tsunami Aid

U.S. Honeymooners Survive Tsunami on Thai Island

Insurance sector shaken by Asian wave but victims too poor to insure

Colin Powell & White House Hail Ukraine Election

Yushchenko to Face Obstacles in Ukraine

Ukrainian Loser Yanukovych Won't Concede

Poll finds troops remain in support of Iraq war

Troops Blame Congress for Armor Shortage

Voice on Tape Is Likely Bin Laden's -US Official

Purported Bin Laden Tape Calls for Boycott

Tape purportedly of bin Ladenproclaims Zarqawi his deputy. World Net Daily's taken

'Bin Laden' Endorses Islamist War on Iraq Vote

Sharon Moves Up Gaza Withdrawl Date

U.S. Urging Sunnis to Vote in Election

US Says Militants Lurk in Horn of Africa

Gay Marriage Amendment Not Coming Soon

Report: Reggie White died of lung ailment

Forbes: Expel 'Murderous' U.N. From N.Y.

UC-Davis Pays Fees to Castro

Hillary Clinton: New York Is My Home – for Now


Jack Kemp reviews Bush's 1st term

Clifford May talks about the battle between democracy and terror

"From Brushfires to Conflagrations" A MUST READ from Gunny Bob Newman

Harry Crouch shows the other side of domestic violence. A side that is not reported. It shows that women are just as bad as the men when it comes to this issue. It is just not reported cause its all about bashing the men.

Rich Tucker says that is lot of work ahead for Condi

Is the GOP looking more like the liberals of the past??? Michael Barone answers this question.

Ted McClelland brings hope to the lefties (its time for the token lefty piece), as he says that they are winning the culture wars. One reason is that most Americans are still getting their entertainment from the Hollywood crowd and the like. Intresting Read and I first heard about this piece on Stephanie Miller's radio talk show.

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Morning News & Commentary

Tsunami waves kill over 20,900 in Asia

Warnings might have reduced tsunami toll

UN Warns of Possible Epidemics in Quake-Hit Asia

Dozens of European tourists dead or missing in Asian disaster

Suicide bomber kills 15 people in Iraq

Iraqi Shi'ite Leader Escapes Bomb; 13 Die

Israel Releases 159 Palestinian Prisoners

During surprise Christmas Eve trip to Iraq, Rummy contradicts official story regarding United Airlines Flight 93

Euro rises to new record against dollar

China reiterates it will maintain basic stability of yuan


Joseph Farah shows how two faced Madeleine Albright is. She recently denounced Bush on foreign soil...ARAB SOIL...MUST READ!!!

David Horowitz talks about the George McGovern syndrome and reminds us that surrendering does not achive peace, but rather allows the victors to kill their rivals. Horowitz knows a lot about the anti-war left. He was once a part of it. MUST READ!!!

In the past the Dems were speading democracy around the world. Today's its W Bush. Jeff Jacoby has this and more.

Mike S. Adams considers the abolshment of tenure at our places of higher learning

Robert Novak talks about how certain U.S. leader cuddle Kofi Annan

Barbara Simpson shows the intolerance in the 'tolerance' crowd during the Holiday Season...MUST READ Christmas could be BANNED in a few years later if we are lucky

John Fund talks the the First Ukraine and says that she understand what freedom is about.

Vox Day talks about creating Hell from Earth. Day is a libertarain that speaks from a Christian world view.

Ellen Ratner talks about how Bush and the 'elite swine' are giving away jobs. Its a token lefty piece.

Bonus token lefty piece: Hellen Thomas talks about the Social Securty issue

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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Evening News & Commentary

What to know the number one movie??? You have come to the wrong place.

Their are more important things going on.

Asia Quake's Tsunamis Kill Over 11,000

Warning System Might Have Reduced Tsunami Toll

Polls Show Ukraine's Yushchenko Winning

Top Iraqi General: Troops Willing to Fight

Fourteen killed in Iraq as video of alleged Mosul bomber released

Palestinian election favourite says abandon arms, Israel vows to aid ballot

Iraq Militant Group Posts Video of Mosul Attack

Rumsfeld Says Iraqis Must Stop Insurgents

Ghost Firms Hinder UN Oil-For-Food Probe

Kerry's 2.7 Million Email List

Senate & Enviros Block National Security Fence

NFL great Reggie White dies at 43

Head of News Corp. (FOX Brands, and New York Post) give to Cally Gov

Lynne Cheney: Protect Kids from 'Desperate Housewives'

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Morning News & Commentary

I found my token lefty piece for this post.

Tidal Waves Kill More Than 3,800 in Asia

Ukraine Elects President in Runoff Vote

General: Bomber Not With Iraq Nat'l Guard

Rummy Says Iraqis Must Stop Insurgents

At least 13 Iraqis killed on Christmas Day, as Bush thanks troops

Top Palestinians Urge End to Violence After Arafat

Iraq Rejects U.S. Talk of Bolstering Sunni Vote

Nine Die in Attack on Baghdad Embassy

Yemen Militant Ties Limburg Attackers to Bin Laden

U.S. Captures Two Zarqawi-Linked Militants in Iraq

Israel promises to help 'free and honest' Palestinian election

U.S. Retailers Cut Prices After Christmas

Computer Problem Grounds Comair Holiday Flights

The Gray Lady says that Hillary might be her own Toughest Opponent. Better hook up with Katie Cooker-Cutter quick.


Bill Clinton attacks Kerry's aids for Kerry's loss. This from Robert Novak

Are you a Pittbull or a Poodle??? The later has nothing to do with John Kerry, and Doug Giles has a test for you to take. This test will find out were YOU stand when it comes to defending Freedom & Liberty, and what kind of person you really are.

Manufactured rights or peace on Earth??? Henry Lamb says that the UN can't achive global harmony

The Wall Street Journal says we need a rational discussion on Vioxx, Celebrex and Aleve.

WSJ also has something on Castro

Token lefty piece is from Ian Williams of The Nation and a supporter of the high and mighty supporter of the UN. He talks about the "right-wing's" attack on the UN's beloved leader Kofi Annan.

I may do another Williams piece on Monday

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