Saturday, July 23, 2005

Weekend Readings from The Blog According to Don

Karl Rove and China. Bob Parks talks about them in his audio commentary.

Gunny Bob Newman has a 10 point plan to win the war on terrior.

Mike Rosen shows us how the national debt is not all that bad, and that cutting tax rates can only help the government in the long run.,1299,DRMN_86_3944413,00.html

If people like Jason Salzman have it their way...and thanks in part to Campaign Finance Reform talk show hosts would be muzzled on poltical issues. Salzman think one man should be bounded and gaged when it comes to issues that allow the government to keep your money. This is a Colorado issue that is talked about but everyone should read it cause it will hit close to home. Salzman gets the honor of the token lefty tonight.,1299,DRMN_86_3947587,00.html

Their is More

Charles Krauthammer shares his thoughts about John Roberts

David Limbaugh does not want the Karl Rove die just yet...but for reasons of his own.

Endangered Species Act debate is heating up...Good lets put the animals in their places when it comes to OUR rights as humans...Like PAYING US for having these animals on our property Henry Lamb as another MUST READ!!!

Do you practice what you preach??? Something to think about in this piece from Kyle Williams.

It's OVER!!! (for tonight)


Thursday, July 21, 2005

London Has been Attacked...Again

What is it with the London, England?

Why do the muslim terriorists attack not only one but twice in the same month?

Is Tony Blair going to grow a spine and calls these skunks for what they are?

I truly doubt it, but it shows how all this feel good leftism is affecting our planet. We just can't say mean and nasty things about these pigs and then give them a good beating.

I have to say that the U.K. needs another person like Churchill and the Iron Lady. Maybe then we can say that their is a bright spot in Europe.

From Sky News

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Not everyone is happy with Bush's Supreme Court choice of John G. Roberts. Ann Coulter is one of them.

Ben Shapiro is not happy about Roberts either

Fred Barnes says its a "safe" pick.

Linda Chavez talks about the tough times for America's largest labor union

Thomas Sowell continues is piece about the No Child Left Behind act and exposes the myth of Ebonics

Do you like your tax money paying for a place for your professional sports teams to play??? John Stossel talks about and calls that for what it is...socialism. MUST READ!!!

Walter Williams talks about the Slavery Reparations movement and a intresting twist about one person who is suing the Democrat Party. MUST READ!!!

Can the liberals learn from Vietnam? One can only hope. Emmett Tyrrell talks about the late Gen. William Westmoreland.

Be glad the FBI watches certain leftys. Michelle Malkin has more.

Certain people in the media are truly afraid of Hillary AND THEIR ON THE RIGHT!!! Brent Bozell is not one of them however. One reason why we must do what we can to make sure that Lady MacBeth never sees the oval office again.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Judge John G. Roberts Jr. is the pick for the highest court in the land. Will the leftys raise hell???,2933,163025,00.html

David Limbaugh has a few words about Joseph Biden

Unanswed questions regarding the Plame-Rove-Miller and whoever story. This and more from Neal Boortz

Bob Parks adds his two cents as well.

"No Child Left Behind" in spite of what the teachers and leftys says. Thomas Sowell shows us the results.

Bruce Bartlett shows us why the Death Tax is nothing but making bitter people feel better becuase they have less money than other people.

Lady MacBeth is pandering to the Hispanics and she wants to buy votes by promoting college aid to illegal immigrant students

Token Lefty Tonight is EJ Dionne Jr. Says the Bushies are on defense regarding Rove

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Monday, July 18, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Neal Boortz is on Holiday but he still has things to say today.

Joe Wilson be Karl Rove's saving grace??? Joel Mowbray says the former is a liar.

The Uranium Joe Wilson Didn't Mention

Valerie Plame is no longer a covert agent and she is fair game, but don't waste your breath with Bush hatting leftys. Mark Steyn talks about this.

Suzanne Fields talks about the recent Live 8 Concert and one voice crying in the wildness telling the countries to stop sending money. Hint its someone that understands economics and is from Keyan.

No surprise EU caves in to Cuba. Peter Brookes has more.

When it comes to liberal bias CBS News is Number One. This and more from the Media Research Center

Joseph Farah goes after Cally Congresswoman Barbara Lee for her ties to communism

Humberto Fontova talks about a Monster by the name of Fidel Castro, and how he mislead Cubas into his new order.

A few token lefty pieces starting with author Francis Wheen, who has some kind words for Karl Marx.

Talkers Magazine Ellen Ratner covers "Rovergate" in her piece.

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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Weekend Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Kyle Williams looks at his past writings and tells of what he now regreats in his piece; "Evangelical Republicanism:Exalting politics over Christ"

Here is the commentary from Christianty Today that Kyle talked about in the above link. They make aware that our founders may have been inspired by Christian Teaching, but that did not them CHRISTIANS!!!! MUST READ!!!

Henry Lamb has unkind words for the Dems that want to fillbuster

Doug Kmiec gives thanks to William Rehnquist for hanging tough.

While the left wants to regulate the telecom business to death in the name of fairness; Congressman Mike Pence says otherwise, and man the free market has done wonders when it comes to telecom.

Poor Molly her head is spinning regarding Karl Rove. Can't clam victory just yet in your quest to gain power. She is the token lefty this time around.

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