Friday, July 01, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

I shall start off with two piece regarding public broadcasting. The first from Jonah Goldberg who says its run by leftys...and it gets the money off the backs of 'poor people' rather than be a voice for them.

Mike Rosen shows the liberal mentalty in this piece when a public radio talk show host says that Rush Limbaugh raises taxes more than NPR and PBS. Yours truly did have a hand in this piece by Rosen. NO JOKE!!!,1299,DRMN_86_3895596,00.html

Constitutions take time and the one in Iraq is no exception. Charles Krauthammer explains.

You know when you question something be ready for those who want to take you out. Brent Bozell talks about Bill Cosby stands and Cosby is not backing down anytime soon.

Cal Thomas takes on the MoveOn crowd.

David Limbaugh asks for the REAL liars to stand up, and it looks like that it those wacky leftys and the Dems in the Congress that are fibbing.

Oliver North says that the Dems (and then some) who don't want us to stay the cource regarding the war on terror are also dishonoring the fallen.

Happy Dependence Day. Sounds right. Joseph Farah explains

Fred Barnes shows what can be learned from the Borking for Bork.

Can the Borking be reversed with a Republican Senate??? William Kristol talks about it.

Bill Press is tonights token lefty, and is hoping to go for a kill when it comes to Bush.

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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Thomas Sowell turns 75 today and his written a special birthday piece

Ann Coulter shows you speech paid for by the Government...Yes PAID for by the Government

Larry Elder goes after Charles Rangel for his anti-Semitic and why the GOP has a hard time apealing to the black community.

Cal Thomas talks about the President's speech two days ago.

Debra Sauders has her take on last weeks decision about property rights.

Mark Alexander takes a look at the "Founders Cornerstones."

Nancy Pelosi says that Iraq is not part of the War on Terror. Hal Lindsey says otherwise and puts that overgrown hippie in her place.

Eric Pfeiffer on Moveon's new ally in the quest to get our men and women out of Iraq, and its a Republican.

Cyberalerts from the Media Research Center

Using 9/11 to justify going into Iraq is a no no. Tonights Token Lefty is Ray McGovern

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

The full transcript of Bush's speech from Fort Brag last night,2933,160969,00.html

And still some more piece on the high court's desision on property rights

Walter Williams

Terence Jeffrey

John Stossel

Other Issues

Ben Shapiro also has his two cents about the what our highest court said, but because he brings up the ten commandments he is outside the above pieces

Thomas Sowell does not like the ideal of our courts looking toward foreign law MUST READ!!!

When the left gets cornered what do they do??? For one thing they play the "Your a Nazi" card. Jeff Jacoby says its overused.

Here is another good reason to pull your kids out of the Government schools. Michelle Malkin says that kids are taught to be push overs. At least these over grown hippies who are teaching our children are consistant.

Brent Bozell has his thoughts on the Karl Rove flap, and how the left can't stand the taste of their own medicine...Hello Dick Durbin anyone???

Morton Kondracke warns that the 'gloom and doom' comming from the Dems, the left, and mass media could enable another loss for the American Milltary i.e. Vietnam. Also he shows how the media back then spinned the news to make Vietnam look like a unwinable war. MUST READ!!!

Peter Kirsanow warns of the dangers of counting every vote and if it becomes law it will only benfit the Democrats.

Their is no token lefty tonight. Can't find a good juicy piece by these morons

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

David Limbaugh defends Karl Rove and his recent statements on liberals and war. I have posted an E-Mail from MoveOn regarding this, and you can see that following these readings.

Gunny Bob Newman warns their is another word for quitting...SURRENDER!!!!. Man if the liberals win this one, prepare for the worst because the REAL winner will be the terriorists.

Rich Lowry says the war in Iraq is 'winnable.' Yes; just let our men and women do what needs to be done without the interfearence from our leaders in our government.

George Will has his take on the Supreme Court's desision regarding the 10 Commandments.

Jack Kemp talks about a Social Securty victory for Bush

The Dems still love to blame America when it comes to national security. Fred Barnes says when they try to weaken national security THEY LOSE!!!

Phyllis Schlafly shows how so many private charities have come to the aid of people. Now if only the government steps aside.

Should we have limited apointments for our judges. Stuart Taylor looks into that.

Jude Wanniski calls for Thomas to be Chief Justice

Joseph Farah talks about our 'Mugabe court'

Tonights Token Leftys deal with Karl Rove and his mean and nasty statements that liberals want therapy for the bad guys.

EJ Dionne worries were going back to that dark days Joe McCarthy but says that Rove is a kinder JM.

Molly Ivins tells her lackeies to Batten down the hatches

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Now go to me next post of the night, to find out what kind of losers MoveOn is.

MoveOn calls for retreat...them and other leftys

As I type this Bush is speaking to the nation about the war in Iraq via Mass Communcations and then some. Today those on MoveOn.Org's mailing list got this message.

Dear MoveOn member,

Tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET, President Bush will speak to the nation about the war in Iraq in a televised address. Despite the car bombs and rising attacks, he's expected to offer no new policy—in fact, he's expected to say that we're making progress, that everything is going just fine.

Over the last week, we asked you to vote on whether we should work together in a major campaign to get Democrats and Republicans in Congress on board with a responsible exit plan. As of this morning, hundreds of thousands have voted and the results are clear: more than 83 percent said you were in. Together, we're ready to tell our leaders that it's time to come home.

One good first step is letters to the editor. Bush's speech tonight will be one of the major "tipping point" moments since the war began, and we can help make sure that no one buys his "stay the course" rhetoric. Politicians will be watching the letter-to-the-editor pages closely, and newspapers are likely to print letters on what will be the major story of the week. If we're able to push back hard enough, we can build a drumbeat for a real exit plan.

We've set up an online tool that makes submitting a letter easy. Tonight, you can watch President Bush's speech and then immediately go online and write a letter to the editor by clicking below. (We'll update our suggestion for the best thing to write about 30 minutes after his speech ends.)

You might have noticed that Republicans like Karl Rove, White House Communications Director Dan Bartlett and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld have tried to distract the country from Bush's disastrous Iraq policy by attacking MoveOn by name on TV. Rove was trying to put Democrats and MoveOn on the defensive, painting us as weak on security. But it didn't work—we held strong, and with your help we can make sure that the attack backfires. Lying about MoveOn can't solve Bush's problem—that he has no plan for Iraq.

And there is broad public support for a real plan. Two-thirds of the public say they would support elected leaders who stand up to President Bush and insist on a real plan to get out of Iraq. That makes sense: without an exit plan with a timeline, we'll be stuck in Iraq for years and years, exacerbating the problems there. As General John Abizaid, Commander of the U.S. Southern Command said last week testifying in front of the Senate, "too much of a footprint in the region creates more resistance." But, believe it or not, Bush and Rumsfeld reject the very suggestion of a timeline. Rumsfeld said on Sunday we could be in Iraq another 10 years. But their voices are the only ones being heard right now. That is why we all need to get a well-reasoned argument for an exit strategy with a timeline out there.

Please take just a couple of minutes to write your letter to the editor today.

Today's letters to the editor are just the beginning. We're also starting national television advertising and running an ad in The New York Times that carry this message: "It's time to come home. We went in the wrong way, let's come home the right way." With your help, we'll keep that going and expand the push into the cities where it will make the most difference. More on how to help do that tomorrow.

Public opinion has turned on President Bush's reckless war policy, but most leaders in Washington still aren't speaking out. That's why our work together is so important. Together, we can show the way toward a responsible exit plan and a more peaceful and secure world.

Thank you for all you do,

–Tom, Jennifer, Justin, Micayla and the MoveOn PAC Team
Tuesday, June 28th, 2005

P.S. Here are the points you can make in your letter or when you're talking to friends, family and colleagues.

It's time to start responsibly coming home from Iraq.

Iraq is no closer to stability than it was a year ago. Things keep getting worse every week. More than 1,700 Americans have been killed and more than 12,000 wounded.
The U.S. occupation is fueling a growing insurgency. Our presence is exacerbating the problem. There are tens of thousands of insurgents backed by hundreds of thousands of supporters.

We got into this war based on lies—the wrong way. It's time to get out the right way. The first step is to realize that the Bush policy is out of touch with reality.
We need a real exit plan with a real timeline providing real accountability for our leaders.

We need to turn control of the training of Iraqi forces and the rebuilding of Iraq to the international community. And we must renounce permanent military bases in Iraq because that angers the Iraqi people.

Not authorized by any candidate or candidate's committee.

Remember people leftys believe in peace through cooperation, trust and goodwill. It is the same old song and dance that these overgrown hippies performed back during the Vietnam War, along with the current youthful idiots that believed these 'peacenixs.' Shows you who is truly for freedom and liberty, and its not the left.

Hugh Hewitt is right. If Democrats get the majorty of Congress and the White House, you will get the MoveOn crowd as well.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

More pieces on the court's desision on Property Rights.

More thoughts from Neal Boortz

More thoughts from Joseph Farah

Doug Powers

Vox Day

Barbara Simpson

Wall Street Journal

Jeff Jacoby

Paul Jacob

This next piece below is not about the recent court desision but is related to the issue of property rights. This is written by Russ Brooks and Leslie Lewallen.

Other Issues

How can you be a black and on the right??? Star Parker shows how.

Michael Barone has his thoughts on Karl Rove's statement and how the left...well he says it better than I can

Since the founding of the Media Research Center back in the 1980's they have done a great job of pointing out bias in the media. They also prove how far left PBS is as well. MRC has archived this so check it out. Its YOUR money that public broadcasting is spending find out what they have done.

Accuracy in Media (AIM) is calling for an immediate investigation into public broadcasters who pleeded with their audiences to call congress to save their money flow. AIM says that a big federal NO NO!!!

Don't leave it to the Government Schools to teach your children about the history of our nation, cause they are not likely to do it. David Gelernter explains MUST READ!!!,1,7425513.story?ctrack=1&cset=true

Tonight's Token Lefty is Ellen Goodman. Warns that the Social Securty reformers are finding creative ways to slash benefits. How about ending your socialistic pet cow Ellen???

Bonus Lefty: Sheldon Drobny founder of the lefty talk radio network Air America says "No Apologies, Senator Durbin."

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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Weekend Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

I shall begin with a classic piece by Ann Coulter that she wrote a week after 9/11. Too bad what she thought of to protect us in flight was ignored

Several Pieces regarding the Supreme Court's decision regarding Eminent Domain and Property Rights

Neal Boortz

George Will

Will Maven

Kyle Williams

Rudy Takala

Reason Magazine's interview with Scott Bullock

Stephen Bainbridge

Joseph Farah

Other Issues

Guess who else likes to grab property???? THE UNITED NATIONS!!! Henry Lamb once again has MUST READ!!!

Byron York defends Karl Rove regarding the statement about how leftys want to make piece and deal with those who want to kill us. Its all in the record people.

Victor Davis Hanson talks about the double standard when our government goes to war. It just depends on who is in that Oval Office

Carrie Lukas talks about Title IX and what it promices regarding equallity in sports is nothing but a pipe dream.

Charles Krauthammer says that the Dems are a party without ideals.

About a year ago I did a piece for my college newspaper about questioning someone's patriotism. This week Mona Charen has a simller piece about such a thing.

Mike Rosen reminds us that we need to hang in their regarding the war in Iraq, and that Surrender is not an option.,1299,DRMN_86_3878459,00.html

First of all I am againist amending our constitution to make burnning of the American flag long as does endanger someone elses freedom. It seems that Gunny Bob Newman is in favor of it however, but his piece is about another piece written by former Denver Bronco Reggie Rivers.

Speaking of Reggie he shall be the token lefty thanks to the Gunner. Here is that piece that made Gunny Bob "Mad As Hell."

Here is the recent piece from Rivers. Echoing the cry of other leftys to "Bring the Boys Home."

Last and NOT LEAST I swing back to right with Mr. Black & Right himself Bob Parks. In his audio commentary this week he talks about the Box Office slump and their love affair of remaking old TV shows. This week Bewitched The Movie is out for all of us to see, but yours truly is not going. Plus Parks talks about the media's love affair with blonds and thoughts on Reality TV. Anything that can play MP3 is a MUST!!!

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