Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Charles Krauthammer says Scooter Libby should be pardon right now, and is going to prison for faulty memory.

With all this talk about Impeaching Bush over the Iraq war, Mike Rosen looks at the ideal of impeaching Lincoln.

Thomas Sowell looks at the perils of a special prosecutor who likely has a specific purpose.

David Limbaugh sums it up with the book being thrown at Libby. Its about Bush and ending the Iraq War.

John Hawkins shatters three myths about the left.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Thursday Readings

If your Democrat then your protected from punishment should you ever be accused of a crime. Ann Coulter explains. She also wants Libby to be pardoned. I tend to agree somewhat. If Libby truly had lack of memory he is not the only one.

Brent Bozell points out that media bias is not only how a story is spun but what they WANT TO REPORT.

David Storm talks about the left's character assassinations and the politics of personal destruction. They get away thanks to a media that will not only challenge them but in fact encourage them to do what they do.

George Will see the quality of the current three Republican frontrunners for the race to the White House.

Victor Davis Hanson looks at the bipartisn hypocrisy when it comes to scandels.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Wednesday Readings

When that AMT Bomb goes off. Don't blame Bush for it but Bill Clinton.

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz.

Bush says that Communism should die with Castro, but in reality people are always being the fool cause they are so bitter and envy those that have more than THEY do. So the Commies and Marxists will always have their apeal.

Dems compare Walter Reed Scandel to Katrina. Just wait until we have 'Universal Health Care.' Its all about getting Bushie. Nothing More Nothing Less.

Odds of getting attacked by an International Terrorist are the same as getting hit by an Astroid??? John Stossel explains.

Only the media elite can report and film violent attacks...In France of all places. Same thing can happen here if we are not careful. France for the little guy...I Think Not.

Walter Williams looks at other givences that should be adressed other than slavery. One big one is the current Government Education system.

As a people we hate Iraq War. Yet we don't want to lose. The Dems KNOW IT!!!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Tuesday Readings

David Limbuagh says not to knuckle under the environ-Luddites. The Reason is Clear.

Thomas Sowell says that the race for the White House is premature.

Beware of Creative Rhetoric from Big government advocates as Herman Cain points out in this piece.

It seems that their are Hispanic Groups that want the Mexican Invasion curbed. Check out this story cause you will not hear it from most media outlets.

Cal Thomas believes that Newt Gingrich can fix the current Broken Politics.

Mrs. Bill Clinton panders to women in order to get the votes she needs. Still in your husband's shadow...lets keep it that way. I want the Clinton's to be DONE!!!

Mike Adams takes on Kent State for the defense of a professor and his rants on Islamic website. What IS IT with the left and Islamic Radicalism???

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Wrong place to say it Ann, but I stand with you since the left is stifling free speech. I don't have a problem with Gays...I just get sick and tired of the PCness and the unforgiving left.

I linked Business Week's interview with Justice Thomas last week. Newsmax points out why he hates the mainline media.

Monday, March 05, 2007

The Midseason Predictions

A followup on my Midseason Post. The Link is these words. Don't know what I am talking about??? Click that link and go to the links in that post.

CBS: Well not much to say but that 'Old Christine' is not the ratings getter as 'Rules of Engagement' is and Engagement is a better fit with 'Two and a Half Men.' The last seven episodes of 'King of Queens' being sandwitched between Men and 'CSI: Miami' is great sendoff for the veteran sitcom.

Regarding Old Christine: Seinfeld curse lifted??? We all might have spoken too soon. CAUTION: 'Dancing With the Stars' Season four ahead and 'How I Met Your Mother along with 'Old Christine' will be in its line of fire. So will NBC's 'Deal or No Deal.'

ABC: If they can't have football anymore then how about 'Dancing With the Stars?' Better than what they have on now Monday nights. ABC needs some payback with FOX stilling going strong with 'American Idol.' I can's see any of the replacement Scripted shows making it into the next season.

Why bring back 'Six Degrees' guys. Does this have to do with J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot outfit. How about burning off 'The Nine.' 'Traveler' sounds like a 'Prison Break' copycat more/less.

FOX: Way to many misfires in the early season and I just don't see another live action sitcom attempt on Sunday nights doing well. What might save 'The Winner' is the Seth McFarelane connection (Family Guy, American Dad). 'Drive' is iffie and 'The Wedding Bells' is on Fridays...Wish your success. Overnight results for Sunday nights in just a few minutes. Even if Winner does well this week...The weeks to come will tell.

NBC: The replacment show that I think will make it is 'Thank God You're Here.' They have ways to go.

The CW: The show in which one young lady will win a spot in the pop group 'Pussycat Dolls' should do as well as 'America's Next Top Model.' Problem is how can you keep a show like that going???

Monday Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz. Must Read comments on Walter Reed and the future of Health Care today.

Bill Clinton on Iran.

Bill Maher: Better If Cheney Is Dead. The Hard Leftys are truly showing who the real bigots are...THEM!!!

Well at least someone in the UK is getting a message counter to Al Gore's Global Warming properganda out, and will been seen on UK TV. Channel 4 that is...BBC One through Four??? FORGET IT!!!

George Will talks about the coming backlash against the Clinton's. Its about time but we still need to watch Barack Obama people. He is no different.

Do what Johnny McCain says and NOT what he does. This is a classic example. Hello his named was tied to a bill by Socialist Russ Finegold that was to clean things up in politics??? Only helped George Sorros and other rich leftys stifle people like you and me.

Busniness Week's interview with Clarence Thomas.

Dinesh D Souza says bring on the Vietnam compareism skisms. We do have interests in Iraq baby and these socialists want to take that away and give America another black eye.

Star Parker talks about both sides on how the deal with the issue of Poverty. We throw so much money and yet we have not won this war.

How Mr. Smith turns into another shady jerk (my words). Robert Novak looks at John Thune U.S. Senator from South Dakota.