Friday, September 02, 2005

I am a Recovering Christian

You have heard the term Recovering Catholic. Well I want to tell you that I am officially a Recovering Christian.

Flash back to 1987 and I was getting interested in Contemporary Christian music starting with the Hair Metal band Stryper, and then a local Christian Adult Contemporary was advertising on TV and I started listening to that station. I went on a Christian Music diet as well. I wanted to start going to church, but that church I choose was liberal in nature and felt the kids were no different than the ones I know at my Middle School so I left.

Flash forward to 1990 and I befriended a recently converted Christian and I returned to the "fold." For that point I had begun a journey in which I made mistakes and Church Hopped because of those mistakes. I had too many questions and so many misnomers about the Christian Faith. I came and went from the Calvary Chapel movement several times during the early 1990's

In 1996 I went to a Church that was based on the Classical Reformation of Martin Luther but I could never take the body and blood cause I can't believe that was Jesus up their. The Reformed Ideals got to me by then.

From 1998 until late 2000 I was unable to attend Church because I worked part time at a local Christian Talk station as a radio board operator. However in late 2000 I would begin my journey to becoming a Recovering Christian. I met up with a politically charged Christian who I tried to forgive so many times but eventually he became a turn off. During that time I also got very angry with some his friends and took out my hostility on them.

I defected to a Church which was Baptist but very GenX in nature. Eventually I meet a young girl, who I wanted to get to know better but came across speechless. She got uncomfortable with me but never told me personally. I felt it was time to move on once again. After that I decided it would be best for me not to bond with anyone at the next church I attended, but said to myself after a few weeks; "Its not Worth It." I did the same thing again at another church, but with someone that I know going their, I though maybe I could make some connections. I was unable to help their due to conflicts of interest. I still remain friends with this person, but just don't attend his church.

Now I am at the point in my life in which I don't fit in any Church or Organized Religion at all. I have stopped going to Church altogether. I do sometimes drop in to say hello to people I know, but eventually once things change over a certain amount of time or I move out of Colorado Springs. I may rarely go to Church.

I have renounced my faith, outgrew my faith, and departed the faith, backslid or whatever you want call it. I can't understand why a loving and caring God would constantly bring nothing but pain from people that claim to believe him. They say God does make certain challenges too difficult that the person would be able to overcome, but more often than not he do that and people do fail. That to me is misleading.

Pain and unhappiness. That is what I get from the "Body of Jesus Christ." Certain women especially Christian ones think I am a creep, and should be avoided like the plague, and some of the men are not any better, especially if they are too "busy "to help their brother out. Yea you have your own family but can't lend a hand to members of the spiritual family.

Some people can't handle what I have become. They hate being challenged, and when they get cornered they just blow you off like your nothing. Oh well that is the way of the world I guess.

I am not one of those Freethinkers who fear any display of religion as if their were vampires of some kind who were able to protect themselves from the sun, but can't protect themselves from religious symbols.

I am a libertarian that advocates for limited government and limited regulation of 'Free Enterprise' which is not just limited to "Corporations." However I don't have problem with Gays/Lesbians etc, and people of faith just as long as they don't try to enshrine it into law, and yes I don't want the Christian Right to enshrine their stuff either, and that includes restricting a woman's right to terminate their pregnancy and allowing someone to die in peace which was NOT given to Terri Schavio, because her parents had to turn her into a freak show by playing God to extent her painful life.

I would rather see missionaries teach the ideals of Adam Smith and Ayn Rand (both advocates of the free market/captialism) before teaching them about Jesus Christ and the need for going to Church so they can get rich selling some pie in the sky, some sweet by and by that may or may NOT be their.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Adopt a Familly of Hurricane Katrina Program

While we on the right who advocate free markets, and drilling oil, and doing what it takes to drive the gas prices down, and try to show that the left just can't stop bashing George W. Bush for everything that goes wrong in America, Ed Schultz who I have nicked named Darth Fargo has a come up with a third least when it comes to helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

This ideal that Schultz has come up with (allthough he may have done something like this before) is for people who were NOT AFFECTED by Hurricane Katrina and the damaged it left behind is to open up their doors to those who were affected.

Now during war time certain governments of the world forced certain people to take in people (especially children) who were relocated from areas that were attacked.

I don't want to attack Schultz on this ideal of taking in people of Katrina. I say if you truly able to do such a thing, then do it. Besides Schultz's leftist friends and fans to too busy bashing Bush, and I wish we could put politics aside maybe for a few days until we can get the people out of New Orleans as fast as well can.

I also welcome comments about adopting these families. What do YOU think? Is it a good ideal? Would you do it? Why or Why Not?

You can touch base with me two ways.

Leave a message and the end of this post (Must be registered to to do so). Keep in mind of the new rules, which I have laid out in a previous post.

You can also send me an E-Mail at I plan on using some of your comments so if you want your name withheld, please state that in your E-Mail. I will not reveal your E-Mail address.

Ed Schultz Urges Americans to Adopt a Family of Hurricane Katrina

ED-itoral on his Adopt a Family Program

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The Thing Called Supply & Demand

Gas prices are high, and How do you fix it????

If you are a progressive you would advocate "Price Controls" and "Certain Days" when you could fill up your tank. That is what Jimmy Carter did when he was president back in the late 1970's. Just another ideal that would cost Carter another four years in the Oval Office.

I think you need to learn a lesson from Walter Williams and why the prices are high right now.

Here is my way (and then some) to fix this crisis..., Nuclear Power and Build more Refinerys. The latter has not been done thanks to the Enviormentalist and their Enviormental Regulations. Next time you see one of those people, tell them; "Thanks for the high Gas Prices."

What had NO new refinery since 1980 people. Now we pay the price for stonewalling the oil companies for what they COULD do to keep prices resonable.

Hey the Euro's pay almost $7.00 a gallon for Gas.

One more person to thank for High Gas Prices...Bill Clinton. Vetoed a bill that would allow us to drill ANWR.

Stiffle what the oil companies on what they can do and yet blame them for the Government's OWN MISTAKES!!!

That's the mind of a Socialist for ya

If the Hurricane Does not get ya...The Water it leaves behind does

Well the prediction of New Orleans being underwater did come true. That part took a awhile longer.

A Race to save Katrina Victims

Gas goes up & Stocks Go Down

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Have you heard of Lisa Fithian?

Well one thing you did need to know right now is that Lisa Fithian is another person living in the shadow of Cindy Sheehan. Still don't think that the left is milking Cindy Sheehan?

Use your brain people, Cindy Sheehan has truly become a poster child for the left. Its not about war, its about sticking it to freedom loving Americans.

Byron York on Cindy Sheehan’s Radical Strategist Lisa Fithain

Rules for making Comments regarding my posts

Lately I have been getting comments. Sadly it seems that they are trying to warm me up to visit their blogs. Some of been sex related, so now I have to lay some ground rules.

1. You can let me know about your blog and how you love (or hate) my blog, but please comment on the topic that I have presented in my post. If your just buttering me up, your comments are likely to be removed and I am the only one who does "The Blog according to Don." If your just comming to butter me up, and sell me something, your comments are very likey to be removed

2. Any sell of sex related products or services WILL be deleted A.S.A.P. As soon as I see them the sooner they will be gone.

3. I will very likely delete any post with objectional language. If you want to disagree with me and want your comments to remain visible, make sure you are civil and professional as possible. Even if you do agree with me please do Watch Your Language.

4. Should I get any death threats, I may come to your blog and flag it. Make no mistake I will do what I can to make sure you are punished.

NOW we may have record Gas Prices

The record is over $3.00 and that was back in 1981. For over 25 years that record was never touched for years. Just don't forget that magic word Inflation. Yes you can thank Katrina for it, but thank the Enviromentals Nut Cases for it too. The biggest thing that is jacking our prices up is that fact we CAN'T drill our own oil. You still want to promote "renewable energy?" Fine make it work so we can't depend on crude oil anymore. It is time to drill our own stuff.

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Also Pat Buchanan is calling for Bush to be impeached, but not over the Iraq. Click here to find out what Bush should be impeached on.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Hurricane Katrina is now a Category 1

Lots of the damage? Yes, but its not all DARK as predicted yesterday.

News Link for FOX News

Facts on Katrina

The 2005 Fall TV Lineup: Its coming

What Likes and Dislikes

Everybody Hates Chris (Rock) : UPN Thurdays 8/7 PM

My Name Is Earl: NBC Tuesdays 8/9 PM

Prison Break: FOX Mondays 8/9 PM (Two Hour Premiere Tonight at 7/8 PM)

Threshold: CBS Fridays 8/9 PM

E-Ring: NBC Wednesday 8/9 PM (This may be a good thing for JJ Abrams and his 'Lost' Castways)

Ghost Whisperer: CBS Fridays 7/8 PM (Does not imprese me either)

Head Cases: FOX 8/9 PM

Hot Properties: ABC 8:30/9:30 PM

For the reasons why Click Here

The Networks and New Shows and how they are placed in the prime time Grid

ABC: Can they keep it up??? Meaning their trip of going up in the numbers

CBS: Will they still be the "Tifiany Network."

FOX: They want to stop the slide and hope that "Scripted Shows" do the trick.

NBC: They want to fight back

UPN: Its all about the Buzz, but will it work in their favor?

The WB: Just remember their are Giants in the Land, and the Frog has to deal with them. Michgian J. that is. Not the CRAZY one.

Other Things

When do the all the fall shows (New and Returning) Start? BTW the New Shows are Bolded

Ones to Watch or the "Standout" stars

Faces you know and hope you watch because of them

Several shows deal with aliens. Here is how three of them stack.

For those who have Cable here is what to expect.

Hurricane Katrina is now a Category 2

However Louisiana and Mississippi have been declared Major Disasters by President Bush

Story From FOX News

Fast Facts on Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina Slams Into U.S. Coast and More

Its now a Category 3 but still did great damage.

Links from FOX News

Hurricane Katrina Slams Into U.S. Coast

Fast Facts: Hurricane Katrina

Katrina Spurs Crude Futures to Spike to $70

The next Links are from World Net Daily

Katrina slams ashore with 145-mph winds

Oil hits $70 a barrel

Memo to Reporters: Watch THEIR language

The "More" Referers to Cindy Sheehan, and still she is making headlines...even during this time of uncertain here in America.

Want to know who is supporting Cindy LONG and WINDING protests? People in high places and one them is known for their love of Ice Cream.

Sheehan: Other moms of slain 'brainwashed'

Al Sharpton pays a visit to Camp Cindy

Also a Fictional President visits with Cindy

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Random Thoughts

Katrina is coming and she is very Angry

Well the city of New Orleans is bracing for Hurricane Katrina which is now at Category 5 and is a danger to anyone who is in the way. New Orleans has never faced a great event like this until now. According to news reports Bush is watching this very carefuly and preparing for the worse, which is likely to happen. Time is running out, and there may not be a close call. Last time a C5 happened it was in the year 1992.

The name of the Hurricane: Andrew
The place: Homestead, Florida
The death toll: 43
Cost of the damage: $31 Billion

Lets go back to 1969

The name of the Hurricane: Camille
The Place: Mississippi coast

Let go back even to 1935 and in the Florida Keys 600 people were killed by a C5 Hurricane.

This will not help the gas prices either becasue the oil refineries are shutting down. Just remember that if you taken into account inflation we paid around the same prices during the 1970's and early 1980's at this moment.

Yea the oil companies will be blamed once again, but the real culprits never get blamed. That would be our government (Especially those that promote socialism) , the enviormental extremists. Thank them for the high prices. Don't forget that in Europe and other places of the world, the gas is REALLY HIGH!!! Do you know that? That's the price you pay for a Nanny State.

Direct link to NOAA National Hurricane Center

If You Never Forgave Jane Fonda; Be Ye Glad You Did!!!

As you know by now Jane Fonda has now come out in opposition to the Iraq war. Even since her autobiography came out and was bought and paid for by the sheeple who admire her no matter what, she admits that she does not regret her stand aganist Vietnam. The only she really regrets is getting caught hanging out with the enemy. Fonda will not be only one in her quest to "stop the war." George Galloway, an outspoken socialist in the British Parliament will be riding in Fonda's envior-friendly bio-diesel bus. Fonda says she is doing this at the request of certain war veterans.

Before we move on let just point out a few quotes from these two losers.

Jane Fonda:

"I would think that if you understood what communism was, you would hope, you would pray on your knees that we would someday become communist."

"The Viet Cong are driven by the same spirit that drove Washington and Jefferson."

No Hanoi Jane; they were never driven by the spirt of our founders. Our framers wanted people to live a free nation, while the Cong's wanted to enslave.

Now here is...

George Galloway

"Sir, I salute your courage, your strength and your indefatigability." That was the words he told to Saddam Hussein.

"I will not condemn the just war of populations of occupied territories when they resist, in any way that they can, uninvited invaders on to their sovereign soil."

This guy by the way was kicked out of the Labour Party. Can you blame them? He is a loose cannon.

Links regarding the two:

Story from World Net Daily

Winipedia on George Galloway on George Galloway

Is their any shread of Decency & Respect in you Rev. Phelps??? Oh yea; how we forget. We love Gays and God Hates Them.

I don't have to tell about Rev. Phelps and his family, and their never ending protests to remind us all that "God Hates Fags." These people have nothing better but to promote their passion of hating Homosexuals, and its very likely that every sermon that has recently come out of Phelps's mouth is about how the 'fags' are going to hell. Saying that within your four walls is one thing. Protesting in front of Focus on the Family, and those who support Gay Rights (local Colorado Springs business man and City Council official Richard Skorman is a classic example) is also part of that one thing. However they go too far when they protest in front of high schools and at funerals for those who died for our country.

Rev. Phelps says that our soldiers are being killed in Iraq as vengeance from God for protecting a country that harbors gays or as like to say Fags. Every thing that is bad is because we don't pick up the stones and throw them at homosexuals hoping they will die on the spot. What ever happen "He who hath sin cast the first stone;" and "Go and sin no more?"

As for myself I have no problem with people that call themselves Gay, Lesbian. I get a little uncomfy at first but once I get to know ya, I might be your best friend. I agree with Neal Boortz he says what is not normal to you and me may not be normal to them.

As for the Phelps clan, show some respect by not protesting when people are in sadness and remembring their sons and daughters who gave their blood and lifes for jerks like you. If its not Cindy Sheehan, then its the filth coming from the Phelps.

Man oh Man, is their any intellgent life on this planet?

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