Saturday, September 23, 2006

Saturday Readings

Robert Novak's News Roundup. This week; Thoughts on Hillary's manager, White House Pique (Pick), GOP for Joseph Lieberman, and John Murtha.

When it comes to economic front Bush and Republicans knows what he is talking about. Lawrence Kudlow says the Democrats are losing on this, even on the 'Evil Empire' known as Wal-Mart.

The GOP is educating the voters on who the top Dems would be if given the majority and what they might just do based on their records. Donald Lambro has a very great read.

Burt Prelutsky has a few things he neglected to say.

Michelle Malkin's new name for the AP. The Advocacy Press. A name it truly deserves and they have been Advocating for things that might KILL US ALL!!!

Henry Lamb warns us of a day when the U.S. must fight Iranian President Ahmadinejad.

Clinton Faults Bush on Obl. Wipe your hands clean and everyone else other than the Flavor-Aid Clinton Drinkers will believe you.

Click here to see Clinton lose it big time.

Maybe Obl is Dead: Their is a unconfirmed Report flying around. However do you trust the French???

Friday, September 22, 2006

The 2006-07 TV Season: Day 4 (that was Yesterday)

Well it looks like Grey's Anatomy will be 'cozy in the rocket' still, in spite of CBS's hit drama CSI.

Who Are You??? The Doctors on Anatomy just yawn and enjoy WHOever they are making love to at the moment...and the audience eats it up.

Anatomy won the 8/9 hour but CSI is far from D.O.A. Survivor still hangs though in spite of the season premieres of Earl and Office on NBC in the 7/8 hour which got 3rd place but remains competitve. A Grey clip show took second place in that respect hour as well. The audience has followed Grey and the bed hopping company of Doctors to Thursday night

NOW next week, ABC hopes that "Ugly Betty" can seal the night. However ABC's Six Degrees lost a lot of blood. It seems that the Anatomy audience switched over to NBC for the 13th season premiere of ER and with no "Trace" on Thursday night on CBS ER has reclaimed its birth at least for the 9/10 hour. By the way NBC has ordered ER for a 14th Season.

ABC won the night overall.

Overnight Results from

Friday Readings

Mike Rosen defends the term Islamofascism , and goes after 'Intellectually lazy leftists' who like use the word Fascism to go after people they don't like. Most likley those who advocate 'limited government.'

Mike Gallagher is not only disgusted with the Speech made by Castro's Mini-Me but also feels he has also attacked him as a citzen of America.

Cliff May warns Commentators (and the rest us) the choice that Islamofacists want to give to all of us. Submit or Die.

Mona Charen has some hard questions for Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad . Now if she only got the chance to interview Ahmadinejad.

David Limbaugh goes after "maverick" Republicans and Democrats for their stance regarding American interrogation practices that give the Islamofacists that are detaned certain civil rights but at the expense of innocent lives.

Tim Chapman also has his say regarding The Gang of 14 making their comeback.

Melanie Morgan aims her guns at Bill Keller and the Gray Lady and says they are getting away with murder, enabling the Islamic jihadists and has commited Treason against the United States.

Pro-Israel Rally Virtually Ignored at UN. Tells you who the UN truly sides with and its with the Islamic Terrorists.

Charles Rangel, Andy Card and San Fran's Nancy Pelosi are denoucing Castro's Mini-Me. They just want the Securty Blanket of Power. If they stood behind Hugo Chavez their party would be finished. However Iowa Senator Tom Harkin was one of the Dems defending Mini-Me saying; "Let me put it this way, I can understand the frustration and the anger of certain people around the world because of George Bush's policies." Overall I can't believe that Card, Rangel, and Pelosi are being COMPLETLY honest about their denoucment. Their ilk always did admire Socialists and Dictatiors.

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz. Who praise the Rangel's, Card's and Pelosi's of the world plus comments about White House deal regarding Detainies, Bush's Popular Ratings going up, and some answer to some current E-Mail questions.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Late Thursday Readings

Before I get into them I just want to say that Ugly Betty starts next week and was not on tonight. I thought wrong. Sometimes you misread those TV listings.

OK Some Readings

Matt Towery has a leave the UN piece.

Hate to tell ya, but we can't leave that forsaken group cause sadly we have Veto Power that can not be taken away from us. Allthough Walter Crankenhouse would love to see it taken from us. However we could kick them out of New York City and our country and they could set up someplace like Paris, France.

Cal Thomas has his coments on Bush's speech at the UN.

Robert Novak talks about those who dislike John Bolton but they may not have a chance to "fire" him as UN ambassador.

Victor Davis Hanson compares Bush and the Dems to Aesop's Fable about the Tortoise and the Hare respectfuly...or should I say Hares!!!! Watch it guys, cause Bush is going to open a Can of Woop @$$ again...HELL YEAH!!!

(Cue Stone Cold Steve Austin's Walk In Music)

OK Cut the Music

Dick Morris has his current take on the Mid Term elections at this moment.

Did I say that Norm Chomsky would become a bigger fan of Castro's Mini-Me??? Chomsky sales of his last book have gone up according to and (thats Barnes & Noble by the way).

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 'Zionists Are Not Jews'. This man is DANGEROUS!!!

Now the Dems have to protect the man they hate so much from Castro's Mini-Me. Hey Democrats you never learn your lessons regarding your "dance with the Devil in the pale moon light." Your getting burned and the people can see though your guize...One Can Hope!!!

Thursday Readings

Ann Coulter goes after Johnny McCain, Lindsey Graham, and John Warner regarding Geneva protections for Islamic Terrorists.

Larry Elder talks about the Pope the Religion of Islam.

Joseph Farah wonders why Bush still wants to try to create a Palestinian state. Lets face it they want Israel to go away.

Matt Drudge has the compelete Transcript of the Speech Castro's Mini-Me did at the UN.

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

More readings later. I am off and I need to listen to some Boortz. He has been out for a week and a half.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Bush is the Devil Himself or so says Castro's Mini-Me

He said:

'THE DEVIL CAME TO THE UN YESTERDAY... It Still Smells of Sulphur here... Bush, I have the feeling you are going to live the rest of your days as a nightmare... We need a psychologist to analyze Bush... YANKEE IMPERIALISTS GO HOME... Maybe we need to move the United Nations out of USA'...

I am sure the UN loves you with a passion Hugh Chavez I DON'T!!! It would not be a bad ideal for the UN to move somewere else however. As long as the U.S. has veto power at the UN we can't pull out alltogether.

Reform the UN???? Yea make even MORE Dictator Friendly than it is now???

Norm Chomsky will love Castro's Mini-Me after today. Just Click these lines of words to see why.

Wednesday Readings

Several readings regarding Pope Benedict XVI and statements made regarding the Submissive Religion called Islam.

Michael Medved

Terence Jeffrey

Julia Dunn

Christopher Hitchens

Jonah Goldberg

Tony Blankely

Kathleen Parker

Brent Stevens

Maggie Gallagher

William F. Buckley

Other Readings

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz

Michalle Malkin aims her guns at the Assocated Press and says they have connections to terrorists. One got apprehended in an apartment with an Al-Qaeda leader in Iraq. Something the Public should KNOW but the AP does not want you to.

Walter Williams looks at this thing called Prejudice.

Bush is truly spending more money faster and faster and John Stossel says its diffcult to tell the diference between Republicans and Democrats. One issue Stossel brings up regarding the debate wheather or not Government should be funding is Stem Cell research.

David Frum has not have kind words for Bush regarding yesterday's speech at the UN.

Want only Women to serve in office??? Ted Turner wants that in hopes they will be Peace on Earth. Maybe Socialism forever on Earth.

Tough Luck Dems: Bushies numbers are going up.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The 2006-07 TV Season Day 2

My Tuesday Predictions

This is a tought night and in spite of the positive reviews of "Friday Night Lights" it does not stand a chance with "Dancing with the Stars" on ABC, NCIS on CBS, and House on FOX. The veteran shows have not jumped the shark yet and will take out Lights. CBS's The Unit will be put to the test as the show gets its first full season (should it continue to proform well in the ratings), but this Smith show. No way. The biggest problem for both shows are the L&O spinoffs Criminal Intent, and Special Victims Unit. These spinoffs still proform well for NBC. CW has given "Veronica Mars" a third season and pairing it with Gilmore Girls which enters its 7th Season. If the Girls still do well then Mars might have a chance to be on TV beyond a 3rd season...that is if Mars can hold the Girls audience. ABC will feel sting this night except for Stars.

Lights will not start until next month, and Stars got started last week...and did very well. Tonight CBS has the season premieres of NCIS (its 4th season), The Unit (its 2nd season), and the series premiere of "Smith." NBC however has the Law & Order spinoffs (Criminal Intent, SVU respectfuly) back to back and that could make NBC for to be force to be wrekon with and could take Tuesday night...well until American Karaoke returns then FOX wins. Again you have to wait next week for the season premieres of Gillmore Girls and Mars since The CW wants to kick things off with American's Next Top Model which has its season premiere tomarrow.

Tuesday Readings

Dennis Prager has part 2 of his interview with Socialist Howard Zinn.

Today's Comments from Neal Boortz and his staff. Must read comments about Bush and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the UN, and Pope Benedict XVI (and the Muslims).

Patrick Buchanan put the words of Pope Benedict XVI in their proper context.

Thomas Sowell has a MUST READ regarding the Four Republicans and those who want the Geneva convention to Muslim Killers, and THEY WILL IGNORE THE CONVENTION AND KILL US if given the chance.

Torture Redefinded??? This come from Jimmy Carter who always looked out and helped the Muslim Terrorists.

Kofi Annan says Iraq is on the brink of Civil War. Yet he and his UN do nothing, which shows once again they always side with the Dictators and those who would opresses.

William Rusher talks about the leftys lying about Iraqi lies.

Al-Qaida warns Muslims: Time to get out of U.S. Looks like we may get hit once again.

Internet, talk radio blamed for 'anti-Muslim violence,' so says CAIR. Never mind the violent acts of Hams and CAIR was spun off from those guys.

Al Gore has come up with resulation regarding Taxes. Sounds Good, but it does tie in to his passion regarding Envoirmental Issues. Still a good read.

Mike Adams is the Chairman of the White Faculty and Staff Assocation, and has written a letter to his boss Chancellor DePaolo.

Monday, September 18, 2006

The 2006-07 TV Season Starts Tonight

Let me recap my prediction on Monday

NBC's Deal or No Deal should continue to take the first hour of prime time. CBS's new commer "The Class" may feel the love of the elite critics but I say the viewers will take a pass. This will not help "How I Met Your Mother" and I think this long draw out story will finally come to an end without knowing all the detalis of how he met his wife...Besides we don't see Ted's kids anymore. One has to wonder if they are tired of his story :-). CBS however will win overall with Two and Half Men, Old Christine, and CSI: Miami. NBC will bomb with "Heroes" and might hang in their with "Studio 60." With no Monday Night Football, ABC has a lot of work to do. Wife Swap will give them numbers, but do we want another Bachalor and can Brian improve???? Don't be suprise if "7th Heaven" contiues to get the ratings that it got last season. It will be The CW's strongest link. FOX will get its target demo with Break and Vaninshed.

DoND gets a two hour season premiere tonight and will also air Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Tonight The Class and Studio 60 will have their first episodes screened. Season Premieres of Mother, Men, Old Christine, and CSI: Miami are also tonight. However "7th Heaven" will start next week since The CW wants "America's Next Top Model" to be the first to have a first run episode and that will happen on Wednesday. So far Prison Break is holding up but you can't say the same for Vanished. The later has an intresting plot, but it looks like it can't hold intrest in show.

Monday Readings

Comments from Neal Boortz and his staff

Pope Benedict's entire speech. This is the one in which Muslims are ticked off about.

Bill Kristol says the Dems have walked into Bush's trap regarding National Security.

Jonah Goldberg looks at the hystria behind John Bolton being our Ambsassdor to the UN. Just not one of those UN can't do no wrong types.

The Dems thought they had Bush in Iraq but that has changed. Michael Barone talks about it.

Robert Novak talks about Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley stand againist those who would oppose or boog down with regulations the Big Box Retailers expecially Wal-Mart.

Mike Adams did not get the Full Professorship in the College he works for. Maybe coverting to Radical Islam will help. I don't think you should take this reading seriously but it does show how the left thinks regarding their love afair with Multi-Cultureism and how its killing us.

Mark Steyn is not impressed with the 9/11 coverage this year.

Life in Taxachusetts Jeff Jacoby looks at those who opposed a Tax Cut that the voters themselves approved of.

Thoughts on Club Gitmo and Torture from Rusty Humphries and Swiss America's Craig Smith. They agree that those in oppose doing what it takes to win the war on terror are wrong.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Sunday Readings

George Will talks about a new book about the GOP's rise to power yet from another lefty. The person name is Thomas B. Edsall from The New Republic.

Some of our leaders are stumped on how to treat our Detaines of War. Thoughts from William F. Buckley.

U.S. Rep from Ohio John Boehner talks about the need for Military Tribunals and how the bring Terrorists to Justice while at the same time keep certain documents safe unlike in a civilian court in which the accused would have access to documents that might harm our troops.

Rich Tucker talks about the Nonaligned Movement/Cuba Summit i.e The Legion of Doom since they are Dicators anyway and distan and contempt for Israel and America.

Patrick Buchanan says Bush should be impeached but its not about the war in Iraq.

I understand the U.S. getting bashed at the Cuba Summit but why the UN???

Iran President pays Hugo Chavez a visit and calls him a brother. Both are dictators you know.