Saturday, January 22, 2005

Today's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Well one you can listen to, and since their are not too many audio commentators yet, Bob Parks "Black & Right" audio commentary will be just a part of the "Recommended Readings" as everything else. Parks does commentaries in written form as well.

Neal McCluskey says the best way to end the Creation/Evoulation debate is to promote school choice and free enterprise in elementary and secondary education.

Samuel Blumenfeld talks about how Home Schoolers beat debaters from Oxford

Green activists' deceptive 'science' another MUST READ from Henry Lamb

Last year Clear Channel got on a format devoted to Progressive/Liberal Talk. Brian Maloney says not to believe the hype about the format's growth.

"Gunny Bob" Newman talks about the handful of Anti-Bush protesters that were covered by the media.

In his "Black & Right" audio commentary, Bob Parks talks about a post written in the democratic underground web site that said how we humans are distorying the Earth and how the Earth is fighting back. Tech is bad people...NOT!!! The post by the way is written by Youthful College aged idiot. Parks puts such idiots in their place, and tells college students that hating Bush will not make them any smarter. This one is good. MP3 software required, and Windows Media player has it.

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Friday, January 21, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

I am late on this so I will not explain the pieces like I try to.

Shameless semanticsby David Limbaugh (1/21)

After al Qaedaby Charles Krauthammer (1/21)

Fighting tyranny, a revolutionary idea by Jonah Goldberg (1/21

No lack of vision thingby Mona Charen (1/21)

Brian Maloney says not to believe the hype of Progressive Talk Radio. Intresting Read.

Joseph Farah says Stop Alberto Gonzales

Mike Rosen talks about SS relief,1299,DRMN_86_3486216,00.html

Token Left Piece this time from Bill Press. Takes the Christian right to task on Georgia and E vs. C still goes on.

Yesterday's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

I attempted to post these yesterday BUT Blogger DOWN AGAIN!!!

Carey Roberts has a great read regarding the Feminist Utopia and how it will be a Social Nightmare...Never Mind the Nightmare has begun.

Bob Parks has some random thoughts in his piece "The Tsunami of Bad Cells."

Pete Jensen has his take on Lawrence Summers foot in mouth regarding Men and Women

Joe Mariani talks about the witch hunts on Captiol Hill. Don't forget that Boxer wants to score big with far leftys in the Democratic Party.

Al Jazeera supports the Islamo Fascists, now how about out side??? Cliff May says its time for us in the free world to seriously get into the fight of the war of ideas.

The first of three pieces regarding Social Securty and their are in Right Field (token lefty piece will be on something else). Larry Elder tells us that SS has strayed away for the intent of FDR and shows that 3.3 % of the workers today support each retire. NOT GOOD!!!

George Will says that reforming SS is good because its about promoting Freedom. Regardless if their is a criss in SS.

The third SS piece comes from Thomas Sowell, reminds us that the Dems want SS they way it is becuase that will be the only way the Dems stay in power, and depended on Government.

Emmett Tyrell talks how the Progressives of the 60's try to distory the 1st Amedment in the 21st Century. Good News NUMBER ONE FIGHTS BACK!!!

Ben Shapiro tells us why Hollywood hates suburbia (ala Desperate Housewives). It is not really about the Leave It To Beaver, Donna Reed, Ozzie & Harriet Nelson, or the whole 1950's paradise. It goes much deeper than that, and for that reason this is a MUST READ!!!

I did not watch the Inauguration and neither did Joseph Farah and he is worried about our borders.

Two Token Lefty Pieces: First from Robert Kuttner who says that a winning issue for the Dems is the "Minimum Wage"

Elisa Salasin has an open letter to Jenna Bush

BONUS LEFTY PIECE: David Orr says the GOP will die someday

See people I am fair and balanced...Sure I lean to right cause I am right of center :) If their is piece missing here and you think I will link it. Take a chance and E-Mail me the link.

Oh and I will go out with ONE MORE LINK!!! The Right Wing Babe Ann Coulter has this say about today and days like this in the past. If you don't know what I am talking about then YOU DON'T KNOW JACK!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Boston on Alert for Four Terror Suspects

BREAKING NEWS PEOPLE Lets us hope for the best, and this is not true.,2933,144898,00.html

Today's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

The transcript between Boxer and Rice...Long Read People

Did a U.S. Marine kill a police officer just because he did not want to back to Iraq??? Michelle Malkin says its not true. He had gang ties.

Walter Williams wonders if the Government is being overprotective these days

Terence Jeffrey puts Bush on the Hot Seat for not extending the "ownership society" when it comes to Elementary and Secondary Education (i.e. Government Schools)

Brent Bozell talks about "Changing the Subject of CBS." I am surprised that people don't call it the Communist Broadcast System instead of Columbia Broadcasting System :) That Eye logo they must be connected to the masons. Their are people that believe in crap like that, and this blog will try hard not to promote such nutcases left or right. Anyway their are programs that I like on CBS outside from the NEWS.

"Debating distributional equity" by Bruce Bartlett

Joseph Farah has thoughts about the child given back to his birth parents and how that could endanger children in the future. MUST READ!!!

William Safire has his thoughts on the media Good Read

Daniel Pipes has another great piece on Radical Islam and its a MUST READ!!! When people want to blow up a Best Buy because the service is lousy or whatever, then scream racism or whatever...Be Afraid, BE VERY AFRAID!!! Scary, and shame on FOX for caveing in to the CAIR. I am still 24 is still how what these animals can do.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Today's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Joe Mariani shows how the far left is distroying the Democrat Party

Sher Zieve talks about the recent killings of a family in New Jersey just because their dad would back down from his attacks on Islam. MUST READ!!!! Yes the term Islamo-Fascists is good term to use for these animals

The story related to the above piece

Iraq Archbishop kidnaped by Islamo-Fascists

Joseph Farah talks about how we are going deeper in the Armstrong Williams flap and going after the people behind the scenes.

Another piece by Joseph Farah warns our Congress about immgration issues

John Lott explains how CBS News uses any excuse to advocate banning guns

Star Parker talks about the creditablity of Black Conservatism

Token Lefty Piece is by Maureen Dowd this one taking the New Media by storm

David Limbaugh shows how the leftys in the old media are naysaying the Iraqi democracy

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Monday, January 17, 2005

Tonight's Recommended Readings from The Blog According to Don

Where is Jack Bauer (24) when you need him??? Someone in New York got killed by ISLAMIC EXTREMEISTS!!!

Bush Bad, Casto Good or so says the mayor of London. Birds of a feather truly do flock together. These breed of birds are called SOCIALISTS!!!

No surprise Teddy hates Alberto Gonzales

Why do leftys love CBS News??? Because they hate Bush and this proves it. Teddy had no decent on Face The Nation.

RFK joins PBS...another lefty network but this one is "educational." He is still NO JFK

Mark Steyn tells us that you can not extended civilized protocol to Islamic terrorists. MUST READ!!!

CBS News is standing behind Dan, and Mark Goodwin say Dan should say Good Night FOR GOOD!!!

Michael Barone says that Bush and Dems are fighting for America's LONG TERM future.

Joe Leo says leftys don't take the war on terrior seriously and think their is no threat to America. That and some other ideals

Phyllis Schlafly once again has a piece on how the Government Schools are failling our children and how certain people in Government only care about the power it has on our children...MUST READ!!!

Token Lefty Link today is a speech by Kevin Danaher and Tony Newman. Anti-War ENOUGH SAID!!!

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Sunday, January 16, 2005

When Parents Protest the Wrong Books

A few weeks ago, the News-Leader in Springfield, Missouri; reported on a group of parents who were protesting a book because they claimed it contained certain elements that were negative.

The book is called "The Giver" written by Lois Lowry and because I read this book and remember most of it, I can tell it’s a 1984/Brave New World type of story that is for the middle school crowd.

The Giver takes place in a utopian future in which its people are controlled big time. In fact when its children turn 12 (in fact they are all born on the same month and day) they are given a certain task in which they will have to labor in for the rest of their lives. They do not know about the past and how things were back in days before they ever existed. "The Giver" is a person that does know about what happened prior to this "utopia" and has the power to give this knowledge to a "chosen" person.

This chosen person is a boy by the name of Jonas who is shocked to receive this honor. Jonas has been considered to be the next "Giver" but to become that he has to receive the memories that the current Giver holds.

The Giver has special powers that enable him to pass on what he knows to Jonas, so he can do more than just talk about it but Show It. What Jonas sees is what life is like beyond his community and he also sees many of the dark secrets that the community holds. Eventually Jonas begins to question this utopia that he lives in and eventually renounces it, and quietly leaves the community with the Giver's approval.

The parents throwing a fit over this book however still see the book in a negative light. There problems with the book is certain content elements of the book containing violence, sexuality (It is not provocative), and the issues of euthanasia and infanticide. In the book if the society deems certain people unwanted they are "released" a.k.a killed behind closed doors. It has been chosen by certain people by their own request as well.

The way I see it "The Giver" gives parents (especially those who believe in libertarian thought and limited government) a great way to show children the dangers of what a socialist society could become if we as a people allow it to happen. It also shows that Jonas becoming an individual and he will no longer will do what the collective does in that perfect world. He has to leave it all behind.

Regardless of where Lowry stands politically this is a great book that is for middle school aged children. Look at some of the movies that are targeting this group like Spider-Man or Lord of the Rings. If you don't see a problem with those movies than why throw a fit over a book like The Giver?

These kids are about to come face to face with this Dog Eat Dog world, and we need to help them get ready for what they will face, and it’s not going to be pretty.

Rather than complain about "The Giver." Why don't you use this book to help our children learn about the greatness of our American Government compared to this perfect society in The Giver?

You parents truly can be "Givers" to our own children. You may not have supernatural powers but you have the knowledge of what our founders wanted America to be that you can pass on to your children. As the old saying goes knowledge IS power.

Hopefully your children will make the same choice Jonas did.

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